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January 16, 2000

    This is Deni Dickson and I thought that I would drop a word to tell Mrs. Carter how extremley impressed I was with her. Not that I never was,  but this woman has really impacted so many womens'  lives that is unbelievble.

I was so proud to learn that Shirley Carter was inducted into the "Texas Womens Hall of Fame". I never knew that this "Hall of Fame" existed but that is just my ignorance about Texas. To realize that I learned under the watchful eye of this amazing woman and taken under the wing of this more than human music machine blows my mind. After reading about Ms. Carter's Hall of Fame appearance brought pride to me and my family. I was and still am blessed to have been taught by this woman. Only the best of the best are chosen for this honor and my lifelong childhood music mentor was chosen. Only a selected few women in Texas can say this and I am more than happy and excited to be one of those few. Shirley Carter was more than a generic music teacher, or least she was for me. She was an amazing singer, a teacher, a mother, a fighter, and most importantly a friend. A good friend. a good friend who saw potential in a seven year old girl who thought that music was just something that came on the radio and was something fun to listen to in the car. A good friend who took the time to care about a little girl who did not realize that she was blessed with the gift of singing, and delighting others with the gift of music. She took that gift and turned music into a passion. developed it into something that many wished they could do and that is delighting others ears with an angelic voice. She gave me the release and that special "something" that every kid looks for in their young life. there is never a day when I could never ever be so thankful for that.

She taught me more than just music. she taught me ettiquite, tolerance, and love. It is hard to find an organization that can teach you that there is more to music than just the physical aspects of music. Shirley Carter taught us that.  Not one day goes by that I do not use, say, or do what the Texas Girls' Choir taught me. It may not have seemed like it in those crazy seven years in choir, but I was well developed, I could even say better developed in social situations than that of your regular teens that age. She taught me amazing stage presense that I get complimented on all the time. She taught me how to act in the presense of dignitaries, how to react and talk in normal and abnormal situations. I was even taught how to talk, walk, and eat. Talking about culture shock. To sit with your legs together...what a concept. everything she taught me was a concept. a very valuable concept.

Ms.Carter...I just want to tell you that I was very blessed to have been under your direction and was more than excited to learn that you were inducted into that organization.  All the years of hard work you thought might never pay off and in late 1999 every single thought, idea, and tear you put into your passion of music payed off and that is the most amazing thing that I have encountered in a long while. You are an amazing super-human music machine that many wished they could be, and with your knowledge, love, and time you give us/them that chance.

Thank you could never express the love, knowledge, memories that you have blessed me with.

Thank you for realizing my talent and developing it into something that makes me happy as well as others, everyday that I am alive.

Respect, thankfulness and love forever,

Deni Dickson

-I am still at Tarleton State University in Stephenville and enjoying myself too much. I was originally planning to attend UNT and was accepted into the music program, but made a last minute change and headed southwest.
-I recently became a sophamore at the end of the fall semester and still majoring music. The hardest major aside from engineering. I worked my butt off and came out with a 3.067 but hopefully will score a bit higher.
-This semester I was asked to join the music soroity MFE... Mu Phi Epsilon.
-In the fall of '00 I will become a DZ...Delta Zeta.

This is all I have about me for now but will try to keep you all posted on me...that sounds kinda vain...sorry.

January 21, 2000

     Hi how is everyone?  I miss ya!!!!  I can't make it to the stockyard show . . . sorry Debi.

     I would love to hear from the girls and yourselves so heres my E-mail address . . .


February 21, 2000

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."  M. Ghandi
Marletta Parsley Tucker

March 10, 2000

Hi, my name is Linda L. Atkins (Davidson), I was in the choir from 1966 to 1974.  My email address is "Linda_L._Atkins@hud.gov".  I currentlywork for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in downtown Ft. Worth.   I do interior design work for all the HUD offices in the Southwest Region.   It was such a pleasure to see Mrs. Carter and the wonderful girls at Christmas time when they sang at the Burnett Plaza.  I even came in on my day off just to hear them.  Please post my email on your alumni listing.

Linda L. Atkins (Davidson)

March 27, 2000


    My name is Breeanna Smart.  I was a Texas Girls Choir member for 1 year.  My e-mail address is breezypants@excite.com.  I was a best friend to Susan Palmer when she died in a bike accident, she was also a member that was very dedicated to her singing.  She was a great singer and when I sing I sing for her and God.

March 29, 2000



June 8, 2000

I was in the choir from 1997-1999. I sorely miss everybody in the choir, but am fitting in well in Montana. I have been REALLY busy lately. I am taking CYIA (Christian Youth In Action) training for two weeks this summer, and then I am going back to Florida for a three week summer music academy. I am again going for piano, though I wish they offered voice! =) I would love to hear from you! By the way, great web-site. I love seeing all of the tour pictures. =)
~Mary Beth Jacobson

June 21, 2000

My name is Karen Hill. I was in the choir (Barney prep.) in 1968 and Millsap main in 1969. We had to make a move to Arizona in the month of May 1969. These were some of the best days of my life. I'm so glad that Shirley Carter is still actively involved. She greatly influenced me to be confident and appreciative of the gifts God has given me.

September 21, 2000

Hello to all of you at the famous and remarkable Texas Girls Choir! I am  actually a past choir girl...it's been about ten years! I'm 21 now and I'm in college but at the time I was 10-11 years of age. I attended the choir for two years and took my last bow in the last year. I was Top Prepatory Girl and 3rd runner up for Girl of the Year.  It's been so long since I've heard from Ms. Carter and I miss her so much.  It's so great to see a website for all of you and I'm holding back tears of  joy as my incredible years as a TGC member flashes through my eyes. If there is anyway to get in touch with Ms. Carter, I would greatly appreciate the
help. An e-mail adress would be super or any other means of communication!  Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!! Keep up the phenomenal work as those remarkable girls continue to shine!

Ozzie Saner

September 22, 2000

I just wanted to say that Rally Day was a lot of fun and you all did a great  job! The new officer's cheer was really creative and well done too. I can't wait for the October concert and the Halloween party. Good Luck this year and  in the future! Miss y'all!

Elly Willhite

October 4, 2000

 Emily McSpadden here... rather excited to have found this page, and am glad to see some familiar names.   I'd love to keep in touch with anyone who might have been in choir with me, as I've missed everyone very much, and hope to come by the building and visit as soon as time allows.

I'm finishing my last semester at Baylor University in Waco, graduating in December with a BA in Psychology. I live in Waco, while my wife...er, husband... John Lewis, lives in Dallas and works as a latin teacher at Creekview High in Carrolton. Living apart is no fun, granted, but we'll be together soon enough, and we're counting the days. (Thanks for coming to the wedding, Ms. Carter... it wouldn't have been complete for me without you!)

Just a little bit of news for Ms. Carter and all intersted: About two months ago, there was a bit of a miracle, and I now have my voice back after what seems like forever. Psych degree or no, I intend very
seriously to pursue a singing career, and I couldn't be more surprised or elated with this turn of events. Thank you, Ms. Carter, for teaching me how to be stubborn enough to dream, disregard the ugly odds, and keep right on dreaming. Prayer works, and I'm lucky that God's a music lover. I've already started vocal training again, and things are looking good; after graduation, who knows what I'll do! But hey... who cares, as long as I'm singing!

Hope everyone's doing well... I love and miss you guys.

Emily McSpadden

October 19, 2000

Wow, seems like forever that I was in The Texas Girls Choir. I am Tammy Veit  and I was in choir from 1991-1995. The impact that this organization and   everyone involved in it put in my life is incredible. For those who remember my last bow and the incredible sobbing I did on stage know how much love I  had for the choir, my friends, and my number one role model Mrs.Carter. All the memories I have both good and some bad will stay with me forever. The one memory I always remember without fail is the one of the chaperone skit in the Fiji Islands back in ummm... I guess 1993 (I am not sure the date.) For those who remember all I have to say is "General Hospital". What dramatic little girls we were!!

I am now a freshman at Tarrant County College majoring in Fashion Merchandising/ Fashion photography with a minor in Agricultural Business.  Yes, I know that must be a shock. It sure was for Mrs. Ruiz when she found out I was showing goats and hefers and barrel racing at the Ft. Worth stockshow last February. I was supposed to follow Deni Dickson to Tarleton  this past Fall with an almost full ride from F.F.A and Ford Trucks, but stayed here in dreams of getting married. I will be leaving for Tarleton in the Fall of 2001.

Besides school I am a nanny for a family with three children whom keep me  very busy. I also do voice overs for television and radio commercials as well as modeling and internships with Kim Dawson in Dallas and John Robert Powers in Ft. Worth. As far as my singing I am doing a little on the side with some friends of mine who have a band and I am working with a well known local band who wants a female voice. My life seems somewhat busy and hectic, but I can  manage it all with the help of my best friend, God.

Thank you Mrs. Carter and the Texas Girls Choir for the best four years of my life. You will always be in my prayers and memories.

I love you all,
Tammy Veit

October 23, 2000

Hey, it's Lisa Piskuran. I was in the choir from 1991 till 1996 and still going! After I got out, I started volunteering and then . . . . . I am now the Office Assistant for the Choir. You can always reach me up here at the Choir Building. I miss all of you that I was in choir with. So feel free to E-mail me at TGC@texasgirlschoir.org or at lisapiskuran@hotmail.com. Or give me at call - the number is still 817-732-8161.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

 Lisa Piskuran

November 20, 2000

Hi -    My name is Lindsey Przano i am the 2000 TGC Posture Queen I quit just  a few months ago and now I regret it!  I miss the TGC so much but they still live in my heart and I always come back to view pictures at the web site. Due to the TGC I will be trying out for Jonny High Music Review. Please tell Ms.Carter  I love her and tell all of the girls that I miss them too and they are doing a great job and I apoligize for not coming to the appreciation dinner, I got sick and could not make it. But if I am invited I will come to everything else! Ü Thank You!

Lindsey Przano  2000 TGC Posture Queen

November 22, 2000

Hey girls, this is Samantha Sleadd.  Sorry i haven't been around lately.I miss seeing all of you on a weekly basis. Well I've been pretty busy latley with school and work. I am a junior at Haltom High School, and working on trying to obtain a few scholarships before time runs out. I am really excited about this process in my life. I am staying involved in music that is for sure. I am currently looking at a potentail scholarship from UNT for music. I am also staying busy at my part-time job at the watauga super target. I get pretty fair pay there. I am also Driving, so i have alot of freedom, but not enough. this spring i will be touring in New Orleans with my school choir, and then my senoir year i have three trips so far, one is to New York, another is Austria, and then there is Cancun, the senior trip. Well if any of you want to write me i'd be more than happy to hear from you. my e-mail address is sleaddsam@hotmail.com.< /DIV>
Don't be shy girls. remember to smile really big and sing very beautifully. I am so proud of all the girls. Good Luck in the future.
Love Always,
Samantha Sleadd   97-00

November 25, 2000

Hello Ms. Carter and all the wonderful girls at TCG---

Itís Katie Thompson, In choir from 1989-1993. I would just like to let everyone know that you girls are what  put me in the Christmas sprit every year! From that day after Thanksgiving until the day after New Years I   have my TGC Christmas tape playing! It amazing that I still remember every word!

I am now at the University of North Texas majoring in Musical Theatre, with a concentration in voice. I love  it very much and give all the credit for my love of music to Shirley Carter! Without the discipline, training, and lessons in life I doubt that I would be  where I am today. I just finished an internship at the Creative Arts Theatre School, where I made my new home after leaving my old one when I bowed out in í93. I am
active in my music Ministry at my church, and overwhelmingly active at UNT!

For all those out there who know me, please feel free to write me at Kat0020@unt.edu I would love to hear
what all is going on in your lives!

Thank you Ms. Carter for all the love throughout the years. You and TGC are definitely a blessing to my
life! Good luck with everything in the future!

See you at the Christmas Gift Concert!

Katie Thompson

November 27, 2000

hello, my name is michelle dunlap torres and i would like to join on to this website. man i really like this idea alot. well i was a member from 1992-1996 and my e-mail address is blunt817m@msn.com and i would like to hear from you guys.

Michelle Dunlap (Torres)

November 28, 2000

Hello All! This is Katie Ferguson. I was in the choir in the 1995 to 1997. It is so great to see all of y'all doing so well! I can remember back when Jennifer Holland had just joined the choir!  Joleen Abarca was my big sister! But, I really like to see the new faces in the Gazette. I especially remember singing on Fox in the morning when I was in the fourth grade. I have so many good memories of the choir! I miss it so much. Things are going great for me now! I recently saw Laura Ford and Janelle Lorance at a Student Council convention in Austin. I wish all of you the best of luck!

Katie Ferguson

December 2, 2000

Hi guys!!! This is Kaydee Tiemann and I was in the choir from 96'-98'.  I just wanted to drop a line to tell you that I am a senior in high school now  at Mansfield. I have an audition with Juiliard and Emerson, both in  February. I hope that I make it. I will be majoring in Theater Education.  I have become involved in the drama and am doing the musical right now. I am still in choir and singing my heart out. I have done a show at Bass Hall and am doing one now at C.A.T.Z. theater in Lewisville. I just wanted to thank  everyone for all of the hard work that they did for me.

Much Love,

December 16, 2000

Hi this is Holley Hailey my e-mail address has changed along with other things in my life. My new name is Holley Hailey Prescott. I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University on December 15, 2000 with a B.S in Communications. I am attending grad school in the spring at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. My husband is in the U.S. Army Infantry Division and we are stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Everything is great. Would love to hear from anyone I was in choir with.

Holley Hailey (Prescott)

January 19, 2001

hey mrs. carter,

            I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaly miss you and my freinds at choir. my current address
                     205 West Park DR S
                     McKinney , Tx 75070
 I'll let you know my knew house's address is when we move in!!!! For the time being im living with my grandparents. I will live with them until the end of april , until our new house is built. I've already started
school. I go to school with my three best friends and they introduced me to some  other people so I haven't had any trouble with making new freinds, but I do miss my freinds at choir!!!  Tell everybody I said hi and I miss them all!!

love ya lots,
Marianne Witherspoon
PS - mom and harrison say hello!!!!!! oh and hopefully we will try to come to as many concerts as we can!!

January 30, 2001

Whats going on...its Melissa Stricklin...I'm just surfin the web and I found this site..its pretty neat. I got to talk to my old friends. I like it.. Did u come up with this Debi? Well, everything is going good for me.. I am in theatre big time. I have been in several plays at Casa Manana..and I recently just got back from New
York.. I did an Off-Broadway Showcase at Union Square Theatre. It was real neat. But meanwhile, back at the ranch things are doing good. Hope everything is doing good up in Camp Bowie.....Hope to see
everyone soon.

Much Love-
Melissa Stricklin

February 24, 2001

Howdy!! This is Chrystal Caylor and I was in choir from 1992-1997. I'm so glad that we have a website to communicate on, because I really do miss the choir and all the special people involved. The Texas Girls' Choir has made such a huge impact on my life, that now when I look back I can't even think about not having this wonderful experience in my life.

Well, here's an update about me--I'll be heading out to Aggieland where I'll attend the great Texas A&M University this fall to major in Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education). Right now, I'm very
excited about embarking on a new journey--college--and I'm anxiously looking forward to what the future holds. Anyways, thank you, T.G.C., for the memories I'll never forget and the lessons I'll always treasure. Well, I hope everybody is doing well and would love to hear from ya'll soon! I love you guys and I really miss ya'll!!

Ya'll are in my prayers!
Philippians 4:6

Much love,  Chrystal Caylor

March 6, 2001

Hello....this is Kathleen Davis! I was just browsing the web site and  thought I would drop a few lines for all those folks I haven't seen in a while and might be wondering what I was up too!

Well, I am a junior this year (almost a senior HOORAY!!) at Grapevin High School! This year I have become active in the FFA, through this show a Brahman Heifer named Pearl and a goat named Roscoe. I have had the chance to show at the Fort Worth and Houston stockshow, in Fort Worth I got 4th and in   Houston I got 8th. It is a neat and fun opportunity I have had this  year!

I am also still involved with the TGC, I try to help out as much  as  possible. My Mom still does the tickets so I am up there a lot around concert  time. The Texas Girls' Choir was a major part of my life and still is
and I would just like to say Thanks! Hope to see everyone at the May concert or sometime before. I would love to hear for any of those old timers!

          Love Always,
          Kathleen Davis

March 20, 2001

Hi, Mrs. Carter and all,

Will you please add me to the alumni list on your website? I sang with the Choir from the Fall of 1967-Spring of 1972, and was privileged to make the first Holy Land Tour in Dec. of 1970 and the Canadian Tour of l971.

It's been a long time, but the memories live on.

Bethany (Sullivan) McGregor
2617 Monterrey Ct.
Arlington, TX 76015

March 29, 2001

Dear Ms. Carter,

The website is great!! I was just thinking about TGC and how much it meant to me. I searched for it on the internet and came across the website. I'm so glad I found it, it is neat to see where everyone is now. I am glad that there is a way to finally get a hold of my old friends.

I am at Texas A&M University and I absolutely love it!! I am in the  Aggie Womens' Chourus which consists of about 60 girls. We sing a variety of songs and it is very similar to many of the songs that I sang in TGC, lots of showtunes and love songs!! After taking a few years off from singing and taking my last bow, it is great to get back into it. I am a sophomore Journalism major. Hopefully, one of these days you'll see an article written by me or I'll be a reporter on TV. But I'm still not sure what I want to do in the Journalism field. I am also in Delta
Zeta sorority. It has been a lot of fun so far! Anyway, I hope everything is going well with everyone! I miss you Ms. Carter!!


 Alyson Smith

April 19, 2001

Hi there! This is Alex Konieczny and I was in choir from 1990 till like 1996. I have been so busy since then it is unreal! I graduated from Castleberry High School in May of 2000 and now I am finishing up my 2nd semester at Texas Wesleyan. School is a blast...and I finally decided what I was going to major in! I went in as a Musical Theatre major, but I really feel that God is leading me to teach..SO I have since then changed my major the Early Childhood Education and am planning to teach Kindergarden or First grade. Lets see what else has happened.........right now I am getting ready for Miss Texas in July. My new trainer has me lifting 3 days a week plus doing 12 hours of cardio a week......its a killer but I have gotten great results (we had to get rid of that freshman 15!) I have also been travling quite a bit. My mom started working at Southwest airlines so we are gone almost every weekend.......I love it! I guess that about sums it all up! I hope everyone is doing well, I haven't been around in forever. Ocassionally I will run into some of the girls that I was in choir with and that is always nice, because the choir and the friends I made were always such an important part of my life! I would love to here from ya'll...E-mail me at PrincessAllie07@aol.com Take care and God Bless!

Love Ya,
Alex Konieczny

July 6, 2001

Hi!  This is LaToya Butler.  I was entered the Texas Girls Choir in 1987 and took my last bow in 1992.  I graduted from the University of Texas with a degree in Computer Science in December 2000.  I am currently living in North Dallas and working as a senior merchandiser for Express.  My e-mail address is latoyabutler@hotmail.com and I would love to hear from all of my friends from choir!

October 11, 2001

Hey you guys!  I was in TGC from 1989-1993 or somewhere close to that, with Emily McSpadden and LaToya Butler and all those girls!  Add me to the alumni list if y'all can, and Ms. Carter, Congratulations on the Texas Women's Hall of Fame, all though it really doesn't surprise me at all. You were always one of the best women I ever knew and you had such a great impact on my life, not only musically, but with life's etiquette and such. (Charm School, girls, don't we all remember that?!?)  I'm now going to Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and I'm very happy to have found this site, now I can try to come to a performance!  I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all!

Christina Cooper



November 3, 2001

Hey all you guys from choir! This is Sarah Loyd. I miss TGC SOOOO much! It seems so weird not to be going to rehearsals. I wanted to go to the October concert so much, but wasn't able to go. But I know that I'll be at the Appreciation Day Dinner and Christmas Concert! I cannot wait to see all of my old friends. I use a lot of instant messangers if anyone would like to chat with me. I have MSN at mollieloyd45@hotmail.com or canilleofsavaran@hotmail.com , AOL at Gpbchic2001 or CataliaConnerway, and Yahoo! at gpbchic_2004. I would love to hear from anyone who is in choir or used to be.
I am doing really well in high school right now. My school band got alternates for State UIL and we are really happy! Life is good. I will see some of you soon. Bye Everyone!!!

Love you all LOTS,
Sarah Loyd <><

December 1, 2001

Hi, my name is Sarah Thomas I was in the Choir from 1993-1996. In May 2001 I gradated from Crowley High School. In high school I had won many outstanding awards for playing the euphonium, which earned me many scholarships to many universities. Now I am an instrumental Music Major at Tarleton State University. Where I am Principle Euphonium player in The Texan Wind Symphony (Tarletonâ€ôs top band). Next Fall I will be Transferring to either Baylor University or Bowling Green State University. I hope one day I will earn my Masters of Euphonium Performance and My Doctorate in Conducting. Which, I hope this will lead me teaching and conducting at a college. Get more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

January 27, 2002

My name is Jesse Helm. I was in TGC 1991-1993. Wow! I was attempting to collect population
statistics in TX when I came across this site. I would love to have this posted. I just transferred to
Tarleton State University from Reed College in Oregon and haven't been to a TGC concert in years.
If anyone near Stephenville wants to go, I'll be happy to drive. I miss ya'll!

April 10, 2002

Howdy y'all,

This is Elizabeth Brewer (1994-1998), and I just wanted to update everyone on how I am doing. I graduated from Ralph H. Poteet High School in May of 2001, and am now attending the finest school in the World, Texas A&M University.  I am a music major (One of the few; It is a new program here at A&M.) and will be a member of the Corps of Cadets in the Fall of 2002. I am happy to say that I am still singing. I am a member of the A&M Women's Chorus with Alyson Smith (she sits next to me), and I see Chrystal Caylor on campus occassionally. For all of you who I don't get to see, if you would like to reach me, my cell phone is 214-395-6483, my email address is congrad01@yahoo.com, and my AOL instant message name is SunnyApril05.  I hope y'all are doing well, and I hope to see many of you at the May concert.

Lots of TGC Love,

May 1, 2002

Hi Mrs. Carter and Debi

This is Elishia Georgiou. Just wanted to see if everything was good with you. I am having alot of fun in my highschool (I'm a sophomore now) choir.  We've been to New York, we're gunna go to Galveston, and just recently we won a sweepstakes for UIL contest. My sight-reading is a little weak since I quit choir but I'm working on it.  I owe all my musical abilities to you.

(keep smiling)

May 7, 2002

I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck on the 40th Aniversary  concert this weekend. I wish so badly that I could be there...I really was  looking forward to preforming in the ex's choir and seeing some old friends.  Yet my sorority formal is that night and I will be unable to attend the concert.

On a better note life is great...I got engaged this past July to my  boyfriend of the past 3 years and I am having a blast in school. I am  Vice-President of my sorority along with serving in several other
organizations on campus. I am weighed down woth school work, because I am  trying to make up for the first year when I was a musical theatre major. I should be graduating in May of 2004 and Chris and I are looking at
setting our wedding date for May or June of 2004 (depending on his law school).

Well that is my life in a nutshell for now. Once again I wish I could be with you on this special occasion, but I will be there in spirit. Best wishes to all!

Love Ya, Alex Konieczny

May 9, 2002





May 24, 2002

     Hello!  This is Andrea Suazo and I was in the TGC from about 1995-1997. Some unfortunate events caused me to have to leave before I had my last bow and everything, but I definitly treasured my years in the choir.  I went on the 1996 European Long Tour and had a lot of fun!!!  I lost touch with some of my dear friends, but I did just graduate last year (2001) with some other ex-choir girls (Amber Ristow and Lauren Foreman) who I still keep in touch with!!
     I am now a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where I am an English and History major in hopes of becoming certified in Secondary Education (teaching English and History to 8th-12th graders).
     Things are going very well in life- music is still what keeps me going.  I give many thanks to the TGC for instilling my love and passion for music.  "The best and most beautiful things are those that you can not see or touch."  Please add me to the Alumni list!!  My e-mail address is: AndreaMS@mail.utexas.edu.

God bless.

"...you can see Him in your heart if you stop looking with your eyes..."

June 20, 2002

Hi Ms.Carter Its Elishia Georgiou again. I figured I would keep in touch since I cant see y'all any
more.  I miss the choir but I am happy I was in it for so long. Every time I look at the pictures on your
website I long to be in the choir again.  I loved the trips, I loved the Friends and I really loved the staff,
they always made me feel happy.  I hope we can keep in touch. I try to come to the concerts  but
since I'm fixing to be a junior in Highschool (scary thought right?) I have a lot of things I have to do
(like get a job, get my lisence, and get my car) but I'll keep trying.  I hope you write back and say Hi
to all the girls and staff for me.


August 12, 2002

Hi everyone!  This is Beth Anne Craig (Carver).  Gosh!  It has been so long and there are so many memories of the TGC.  After all this time I must say I can still remember the many years at TGC camp (which I must say were a blast!), eating those awesome nachos at break on Saturdays, trying on clothes to be fitted, moving up from Prepatory to Main to Concert Choir, singing all of those wonderful songs from White Christmas to Steppin Out With My Baby and many, many more.  I miss those days oh so much!  I think of my TGC friends often -- Laura Mackenzie, Deni Dickson, Emily McSpadden, LaToya Butler, Ozzie Saner, Katie Thompson, Holley Hailey and many more.

My fondest memory of the TGC would have to be the long tour to Europe in 1990.  Those 2 weeks will be with me forever.  I will never forget visiting the Auschwitz German Camp and the rooms that were full of hair, eye glasses, shoes and luggage bags.  Also touring through the shower room which was actually the gas chamber.  To this day, I have an eerie feeling when I see a movie about World War II or the Nazi's.  I suppose it touched me deeply because of my grandfather being a prisoner of WWII.  Singing in the Cremlin was a wonderful experience as well.  I still remember getting chills while singing because it was so beautiful.

I have Ms. Carter to thank for these wonderful memories.  She is definitely a special person to me and many more.  I would love to hear from my ex-choir friends.  You can email me at strtch6832@aol.com.

Beth Anne Craig (Carver)

September 3, 2002

This is Janna Shaw. I just bowed out from choir this May.  I really miss all of ya'll soooo much!
I've kept in touch with some of you, and I hope we keep on doing so. Can't wait to hear you in October!
Talk to you soon!

Love you with all of my heart, janna

P.S. Hope Africa was a blast! I looked @ the pics and it looked

September 23, 2002

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say hey to all my old choir sisters, and let you know what I've been up to.  I was recently
married to Mr. Nathan Fink in Arlington, Texas.  We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and now live
in Nashville, Tennessee.  I am in my senior year at Belmont University, studying music and art.  I'd love
to hear from some of my choir buds.  If anyone from TGC is in the Nashville area, or also attending
Belmont let me know, we'll reminisce.  God Bless.

~Tauna Fink(Beyer)

November 22, 2002

Well, Hello All!  I just found out about this website!  My name is Roxanne Woods Kubert. I was a member of the TGC from 1962-1976!  I just wanted to drop a note to say hello and to let all of you know that I am alive and kicking!  We have lived in Wagoner, Ok for the last 11 yrs, so I am really out of touch with everyone!  I have been married to a former Texas Boys Choir Member (Darol Kubert) for the last 21 years!  Darol and I have 3 boys, Jon Michael, 20, Christopher Wayne, 16, and our baby Dustin James, 13!  Jon is married and we have an 8 month old grandaughter, Christian Avery Allyson.  Christopher has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and is home bound from school now, but he is doing very well!  He is a terror in his wheelchair!!  Dustin is in the 7th grade and loves football and basketball and has, like his older brother Jon a ma! gnificent voice!   They don't sing a lot in the school program because it is almost non-existant here, but they both have done a lot with the choirs in church.  Too bad I didn't have at least one girl to send to you Shirley!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how very much you have always meant to me, and that I have tried to raise my sons with the same dignities that you instilled in me.  Even tho I live in Oklahoma, and because of Christopher, cannot travel very much, the nights that I know there are concerts going on, I sit down, listen to my records, and have a good cry, and miss you soooooo much.  I wish you could meet my children, they are my greatest blessings!  I have never forgotten you, my wonderful choir family, and the blessing I recieved in being in the Texas Girls Choir!

I love you all, and now that you have my e-mail address, write to me some time!!!!  I promise to keep in touch!

Love Always,
Roxanne Woods Kubert

January 16, 2003

I don't know if I am sending this to the right place, but I have some things on my mind and heart that I want to share before I let the opportunity slip. Around the time of Mrs. Carter's death, I was planning on contacting her, but never got around to it. I missed the opportunity to let her know how much she meant and to update her on my life, but I don't want to miss that chance for other people. Even though she was the main person
who touched my life while in the choir, the dedicated women who stood in as my "mother" when my own was not around, also touched my life. I don't know how to get in touch with any of them, but I want them to know how much I appreciate them.

These people are Debi Weir, Mrs. Russell (Shawna Russell's mom), Mrs. Ross (Christy Ross's mom, who was my group's chaperone for my very first tour - Mexico in 1984), Mrs. Lindi Scott (Andi Scott's mom, who was my group's chaperone for my last tour - South Pacific in 1986), Mrs. Hettick (Sherry Hettick's mom), and Mrs. Jones (Carmen Jones's mom). To you ladies I say - thank you for being who you are and for touching my life.

For the parents who are currently involved with the choir activities, I hope that they are mindful of how much they mean to the lives of the young ladies with whom they are working. Even if they do not hear "thank you"
until nearly 20 years later (as I am doing), I hope they realize they are truly appreciated.

Yolanda Ann Johnson

PS Update on my life - I am a graduate student at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. I expect to graduate in May with a Ph.D. in mathematics education. After graduation, I plan to teach mathematics either in a college of education or a mathematics department at a 4-year university.  Currently, I am searching for a job on the East Coast because the Midwest is too flat and there's too many cornfields.

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