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Concert Wardrobe Information


Following is a complete list of Concert Choir wardrobe items.  Some you have already acquired in Prep and Main Choirs.  All items are to be kept in a state of readiness at all times for Dress Check and Performances.  Check the length of hems often for growing girls.  Replace items that no longer fit properly or look shabby from wear.



EMBLEM BLOUSE:  comes ready made and is available in the Wardrobe Room.  The "Official" Emblem Blouse is the knit slip over type.  Older emblem shirts are acceptable only for rehearsals and informal occasions and will not pass Dress Check.  Sew name label at nape of neck.

NAVY SHORTS:  must be of official choir fabric and Jamaica length.  For the length - measure 5" at crotch or ½ distance from crotch to knee, whichever looks best.  Fabric maybe purchased in the Wardrobe Room.  Sew name label at center back waist band.  Short patterns are available in the Wardrobe Room - but you can use your own . . . . . . . REGULATIONS - must be a plain short.  No pockets, no zippers, no front seams and must have elastic waist.

BLUE JEANS:  plain, zipper fly front, (no low cuts), should have boot cut legs.  Zipper must be at least 5" long, no buttons or laces.  Suggest:  Wranglers, Lees, Levis and/or Rustlers.  Sew label at center back waist band.  LENGTH - Navy Blue Tennis Shoes must be worn with jeans for dress check.  The bottom of the jean hem is to come to the top of the white of the back of the navy shoes.  (Where the white sole and navy fabric of the shoe meet at the back - when standing still.)

WHITE GLOVES:  Plain, above the wrist bone, no buttons or decorative stitching.  (Please note that spare gloves are required in purse contents listed below.)  Put name in both gloves on inside of hem at back of hand.  You may use sewn-in labels or write directly on the gloves, but be careful it does not bleed through.

WHITE TIGHTS:  without seams, plain, no trim, not sheer.  Sew or write name in at center back seams at waistline.

WHITE KNEE SOCKS:  plain, smooth.  Name maybe written on socks on foot where it will not show or label maybe sewn to toe of sock.  Must be fold down type and sock must come to bottom of knee cap when folded over.

BLACK or NAVY SHOULDER PURSE:  (plain).  CONTENTS:  Extra pair of gloves in a baggie, brush or comb, 2 emergency quarters, folding drinking cup (available at Girl Scout Equipment agencies, drug stores, Army Navy Stores), small package of tissue, identification card (with name, address, phone number, choir level and emergency name and number), hand mirror and small emergency sewing kit (including red, white and navy thread).  Name must be affixed to EACH item, including the inside of the purse itself.  For tours - purse must be large and sturdy and have strong shoulder straps.

NAVY TENNIS SHOES:  with four rows of eyelets, not boat or deck shoes.  No color stripe around the edge of the sole.  Have name written in both shoes.

BLACK PATENT CHOIR SHOES:  with single strap and buckle - in good condition.  COOPERS SHOE STORE is an excellent source and has a wide variety of sizes, even the hard to find.  COOPERS SHOE STORE - 3857 SW Loop 820 (between Granbury Road and Trail Lake) - 292-0305.  Suggest you be fitted early to allow for the possibility that the size you need will have to be ordered.  Write name inside of both shoes.

RED CHOIR DRESS:  polyester knit.  Buy fabric from the Wardrobe Room.  Borrow Pattern.  Hem level should be to the top of the knee cap.  Pleat should begin no less than 1" and no more than 3" below the waistline.  Sew name label in on either side of the zipper at the neckline.  HEM MUST NOT BE OVER 2" WHEN TURNED UNDER.

CONCERT CHOIR COLLAR AND CONCERT CHOIR BOW:  Bow should have a 10" spread when properly tied.  Secure bow tab to collar with 2 snaps.  PINNING IS NOT SUFFICIENT.  Snap tab should be smooth, not crushed or pinched.  Long points of bow to inside.  Collar and bow are ready made and available in the Wardrobe Room.  Make sure name is on the collar, on the bow and on the tab.  All three labels are to be sewn in and must not show.  THE BOW IS NEVER TO BE PINNED TO THE COLLAR.

NAVY BLAZER JACKET:  unlined, with facing and interfacing as pattern indicates.  Polyester knit.  Machine made buttonholes.  TGC Blazer crest goes on left front.  Blazer closes right over left.  Buy fabric, buttons and crest from the Wardrobe Room.  You supply interfacing.  Length is approximately 6" below waistline.  Sleeve must cover wrist bone and come to the top of the knuckle on the thumb with arms at rest at sides.  Sew name label at nape or neck.

WESTERN BELT:  (Buckle polished, if necessary - suggest brass polish.)  Name written on inside center back.  Belt is available in Wardrobe Room.

WHITE WESTERN SKIRT:  polyester knit.  Must be lined.  Either a set in or a free hanging lining will do.  Buy skirt fabric in Wardrobe Room and borrow pattern.  Use any suitable lining fabric of your choice.  Hem level must be at the top of the knee cap.  Belt loops are finished at 3/8" wide.  Saddle stitching at pocket will be ¼" from edge.  All saddle stitching will be three strands of black embroidery thread and with approximately 2 to 3 stitches per inch.  Sew name label at inside front closing of waistband.  HEM MUST NOT BE OVER 2" WHEN TURNED UNDER.

WESTERN BLOUSE:  See Ms. Johnson early as she is the only one who makes these.  YOU MUST GO IN TO BE FITTED, AS THIS IS A TAILOR-MADE ITEM.  Sew name label at nape of neck.  Allow six weeks for shirt to be made - call Judy Johnson at 817-688-6718.

WHITE WESTERN BOOTS:  with brown or black soles and riding (slanted) heels.  All white.  Keep polish cleaned off sole.  These can be very difficult to find so start early.  Check Boot Town, Cavenders and other Western Stores.  BOOTS CANNOT BE ROPER BOOTS!

A TEXAS GIRLS' CHOIR SHIRT AND ANY BOTTOMS:  (shorts, pants, skirts, etc.) are to be worn to every Saturday rehearsal and to Dress Rehearsals for Major Concerts.



SAILOR DRESS:  Buy white fabric from the Wardrobe Room and borrow the pattern.  Order the Sailor Dress kit (braid, tie material and interfacing) according to height of girl, tie finished width is 2 ½".  All ties must be 2" from the bottom of the dress when tied in a square knot.  DRESS MUST BE LINED.  Hem must be at the top of the knee cap.  Sew name label at nape of dress and at center of tie.  Make sure braid on collar and cuffs is 3/8" from edge and sewn with navy thread.  HEM MUST NOT BE OVER 2" WHEN TURNED UNDER.

INDIAN DRESS:  Indian Dress may be made by you or ordered from Ms. Johnson.  Each girl individually decorates/trims their own dress.  The basic dress must be earth tones (not black, aqua or maroon).

MOCCASINS:  are to be leather and have a soft sole.  Can be beaded or plain.  Can be ready made or made from a kit.

BLUE FORMAL:  Professionally made by Ms. Johnson.  Order as soon as you are promoted to Carter Concert Choir.  You must be fitted.  Sew name label at neckline.  Dress is worn with black patent shoes and length is to the floor.  Call Judy Johnson to arrange a time to be fitted - 817-688-6718.

Texas Girls' Choir Seamstress: Judy Johnson 817-688-6718



Additional items may be required for tour.  Girls selected for tour will be given a list of required items in time to prepare.  Several standard tour items are:

NAVY SKIRT:  polyester knit.  Buy fabric from Wardrobe Room.  Pattern is loaned.  Sew name label in at the waist.  Hem must not be over 2" when turned under.  Skirt must be to the top of the knee cap in length.

WHITE CARDIGAN SWEATER:  all white.  Sew name label at nape of neck.  Sweaters are available at School Uniform Stores, JC Penney, Montgomery Wards, Sears and in catalogues.

NAVY BLUE ALL-WEATHER COAT:  plain, little or no trim.  A removable lining (button or zip-out lining) is required.  COAT MUST BE LONGER THAN RED DRESS.  Sew name in at nape of neck.  A good place to find these is in the Boy's Department of BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY, Sears or Montgomery Wards and check catalogues.

RED TENNIS SHOES:  (for Long Tour), with four rows of eyelets.  Not boat or deck shoes.  No color strip at the edge of the sole.  Name must be written in both shoes.

SAILOR DRESS:  (for Long Tour) - as required for Carter Concert.

NAVY SHORTS:  will be Dress Checked for Tours.

DRESS HANGING BAG:  For Long Tour and Short Tour, must be a navy vinyl or nylon dress bag long enough for the red dress to hang in.  You must attach a sturdy luggage-type ID to your bag.  Texas Girls' Choir Hanging Bags are available in the Wardrobe Room.

HOWDY T-SHIRT:  available in the Wardrobe Room.  Must have your first name only put on the back.  LETTERS FOR NAME MUST BE 2" TALL, BLOCK LETTERS, FELT TYPE, AND GOES ACROSS THE SHOULDERS.  LETTERS MUST BE NAVY BLUE.

CLEAR PLASTIC, FOLDABLE RAINCOAT:  these can be found at Army Navy Stores, Walmart and Albertsons.

COMPACT RAIN BONNET:  goes in purse, can be found at Target, Albertsons and Walmart.

COMPACT TOTE BAG:  these can be purchased in the Wardrobe Room.

OVERNIGHT BAG:  is to measure 20" in length - from end to end.  This includes measuring from the outer edges (and pockets on the bag).  The bag must have a sturdy shoulder strap.

SUITCASE:  measure a total of 60" when the length + height + width are added together.  Suitcase is to be your choice of color and can be hard or soft-sided.  All suitcases must have wheel and some kind of strap or handle for pulling the suitcase.


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