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European Tour 2000

On this page you will find quotes from most of the girls
about the tour

Sara McJunkin - "My favorite part of the tour has been the Passion Play and Oberammergau.  The city was so friendly and it was fun just walking around looking at everything.  I also liked the cities' atmosphere.  They also had so many pretty things to buy.  I love the shopping everywhere."

Jessica Elizondo - "My favorite thing was the homestay, and learning about their customs, and where the family goes and what they do."

Rachel McNelis - said the homestay kept her from getting homesick.  They were friendly, answered questions and we got along very well.

Melissa Smith - bought a really pretty cuckoo clock that plays Edelweiss.

Sarah Brown - got her parents an anniversary clock with pretty roses on it.  It goes back and forth, and back and forth.

Ashley Spencer - got a coocooclock that plays Edelweiss, "and I liked Austria and our bus driver."

Brittany Trobaugh - liked the Passion Play because they made it seem so real.  Also she liked the choir.

Mallory Fontenot - got a wood music box with an Edelweiss carved on it, and it plays Edelweiss.

Chantal Carey - likes the charms she got.  She got a coocooclock charm and a gondola charm.

Rachel Cleveland - liked going and singing at the churches.  She enjoyed seeing all the artwork and how it sounded when she sang.

Samantha Lau - favorite things to do were sightseeing and shopping.  The Salt Mines was fun and the Sound Of Music Tour.

Jamie Shirley - liked her homestay.  "Ruben, a 6 year old boy, picked a flower and gave it to his Mom and then took it and gave it to me."

Lindsay Power - "My favorite part of the trip so far has been shopping, sightseeing, and I loved the homestays.  My favorite souvenirs are my cuckoo clock and my Edelweiss charm."

Sara Lee - "My favorite part of the tour has been my homestay.  My homestay was the GREATEST!  The family of 5, Mr. and Mrs. Locher, Elizabeth and Michael, and Fransika made my homestay a great experience!"

Karissa Torrez - "I had my birthday in Germany.  I loved the Wieskirche.  The church was so beautiful like the Stine Chapel.  I loved my homestay."

Alyssa Harrison - "My favorite food was the goolosh my homestay made.  My favorite place was St. Marcos Square with all the pigeons.  Three landed on my head at the same time, and shopping in Lucern, and my favorite performance was the homestay.  They especially liked Joleen's solo."

Karen Britt - favorite moments was when we had a chance to see the historical and famous Passion Play.  "It was exciting to watch live actors perform."

Elonka Caldwell - "The Salt Mines was one of my favorite things, especially I liked the slide!  That was my first Salt Mine ever and it was very nice to see the way salt is made.  They made it fun, yet learning!"

Amanda Gordon - "My favorite part of the tour was when we visited the Sound Of Music.  Everything was so beautiful.  I liked it very much.  I also liked the homestay very much."

Emily Rainone - "My favorite thing on tour was making new friends in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France."

Amanda Fuentes - "My favorite thing was my host family.  I really enjoyed staying with them even though it wasn't very long."

Marianne Witherspoon - "I love all of the tour, but my favorite part is not the fun things we get to do, but just the fact we go to different countries and what a great opportunity this is.  Some people only dream about going to different countries but we really do."

Lauren Cortez - "My favorite part of the tour so far is in Salzburg when we saw the live Sound Of Music show."

Stephanie Fisher - liked mostly everything on the tour.  "The things I remember that are really fun is running down the place where the children from the Sound Of Music were in the trees and also the slides in the Salt Mine."

Sasha Maksimik - favorite thing was when Debi thought she forgot Layne.  Layne decided she would go on the other bus.

Stephanie Darbo - "The Sound Of Music was the most exciting thing I have ever done!  I loved the performances in the different beautiful Catholic Churches.  We sounded so angelic!"

Sara Walker - "My favorite part is meeting different people with a different mind and different ways. And my home stay helped me reach this conclusion.  They taught me who we can be, so different and yet so the same."

Alisha Barnett - was shopping and chased the pigeons away.  "I also thought it was funny when they would fly right up in peoples' faces and scare them."

Sarah Loyd - enjoyed the homestays with Sara Walker, Chantal Carey and Rachel Cleveland.  "I stayed with Silvia, Hans-Peter, Manual and Elena Koch. They were extremely nice.  We got to eat ice cream after dinner and Silvia even washed some of our clothes.  I wish we could have stayed longer."

Megan Starkey -  my favorite part is when Megan Starkey was walking down the street not watching and slammed her head into a pole in front of her.  We will not let her forget it. (she was not hurt - Shirley Carter)

Laura Hagen - was with Megan and the pole she ran into.  The good thing is she wasn't hurt.

Lauren Bates - favorite things was sightseeing and shopping.  "When I got sick and couldn't shop Elly, Joleen and Kat bought me a Venician glass ballerina."

Elly Willhite - "My favorite part was Italy. In Italy there was so much to buy.  The people in Italy were for the most part very nice.  I felt more welcome there than anywhere else.  I also enjoyed Lucerne because I got a swatch watch and it was a fun day."

Kathryn Kuczaj - "I enjoyed singing in churches and hearing our voices echo through the rafters, and when I see people sing along with us."

Joleen Abarca - "My favorite part was celebrating my birthday here!  Everyone on tour made me feel special . . . that's one thing you can count on the choir for.  Thanks a lot you guys."

Jana Shaw - "So far my favorite thing was visiting and seeing the German Castle.  I think visiting the Neushwanstein Castle was very interesting because it really made you think things such as . . . 'I'm really standing in a room that a King slept in.'  Just even thinking about that is so exciting.  I've loved everything, it's all been so wonderful!"

Analynn Crowe - "My favorite is sightseeing.  Everything is so beautiful and interesting.  I wish I could stay longer."

Jennifer Holland - "My favorite thing about the 00 Europe tour has been seeing all the countries and the special sights within each country and performing in each country such as at the Notre Dame Cathedral."

Brett Borman - "I really enjoyed Venice because of the boat rides and cats, and also the food "yum".  The church St. Mark was so pretty.  I also liked it because no cars could run over you.  The girls sang beautifully."

Edie Middleton - "I've enjoyed the most the Salt Mine tour.  I also like the shopping and performing at the different churches. I've enjoyed having fun with my choir friends and seeing people smiling and crying for joy when we walk out on the stage to sing."

Stephanie West - "I enjoyed getting to know people better and becoming friends with people I really didn't know that well.  It has made my trip more fun and more of a memorable trip."

Leah Doty - "I enjoyed my birthday on tour.  I enjoyed when Mrs. Satterfield and Mrs. Priddy wrapped around their heads and put them together and then we took pictures of them."

Lindsey Shepherd - "I enjoyed the homestay and Fransiska.  She was eleven and was learning English in school and was doing really well.  They made me feel at home."

Meghan Sheridan - "I enjoyed the Sound Of Music Tour.  It was fun to visit something that was familiar to us, even though it is interesting to visit old cathedrals and ancient castles that we didn't know anything about.  The Sound Of Music Tour was special because it was something we could relate to."

Alison Johnson - "I liked singing in all the Catholic Cathedrals and at the amphitheater for the Music School of Bad Krozingen.  Not just because they are beautiful places but because seeing all the people that we sing for.  Their faces really light up.  Some people even cried and to be able to touch people that much through music is absolutely outstanding above all other things."

Audrey Sharatt - "My favorite things so far is the home stays.  Seeing how people live is really cool to me.  Before we landed I had always thought as Germany as a country side and old fashioned dresses."

Aimee' Al-Ameer - "I enjoyed the beautiful mountains with sheets of white snow and the trees.  The home stay was different and seeing the different kinds of food they eat."

John (Jr.) Coffee - "I enjoyed the Salt Mines.  We rode a train, then we slid down a slide.  Then we went down another.  We had fun."

Stephanie Snook - "I enjoyed the mountains and shopping.  You could never find this many mountains and trees in Texas. They are so beautiful and the clear water is so cool and blue.  Then being able to go shopping with friends and getting to know the other girls is fun."

Devin Gonzales - "I liked the churches. They are so pretty.  The Catholic Church looks nothing like I've ever seen.  I couldn't imagine how long it takes to build them  10 - 15 years.  It was worth it to hear the echo when we sing.  It's pretty!"

(This concludes the fax. There are several girls not included, and I am certain that their words will be given to us at the airport tomorrow to include on this page)

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