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European Tour 2000 - Day 1
Sunday, June 25, 2000

At the Airport

Today was the big day!  That we (the Texas Girls' Choir) would be leaving DFW Airport to go to . . .Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland!  My name is Abby Satterfield.  I'm 12 years old, and this is my seventh tour. (I'm very excited!)  Abby Satterfield

Lufthansa Flight # 439 to Frankfurt, Germany

We arrived at D/FW Airport at 12:30 pm
There had lots of time to visit with our friends and take pictures!

Laura Coffey and her family are the first to arrive!

Sara Lee, Marianne Witherspoon, Lindsey Shephard, and Abby Satterfield take a moment to say HI to the camera!

I arrived at the airport early.  I just hung around for a while 'till my friends started showing up. Before I knew it, they were feeding us lunch.  I had a ham sandwich with chips and a drink.  We had group pictures, and (like always) I was on the front row. Laura Coffey


The girls meet up with their buddies and get ready for the flight.

Buddies Audrey Sharratt and Janna Shaw are ready to go.


The girls are excited about the tour!
Above:  Samantha Lau, Jamie Shirley, and Jennifer Holland 
Right:  Marianne Witherspoon, Abby Satterfield, Mrs. Darbo,  Hannah Covington, and Stephanie Darbo


Friends and Buddies - Alesia Barnett, Megan Starkey, Meghan Sheridan, Lauren Cortez, Jennifer Holland, and Stephanie Darbo


Time to check in for our flight!

Our Lufthansa flight would leave for Frankfurt, Germany at 3:30 pm

Debi makes sure everyone is checked in.

It takes a while to check in 94 people, but every one is patient and the line moves quickly.

Then we had to get in line and answer the security questions.

Mr. Klein, Mr. Priddy and Mr. Carey make sure all of our luggage is checked in and traveling with us.  They are also our security for the trip, we feel safe already!

Time to take a few group photos!

Audrey Sharratt, Marianne Witherspoon, Lindsey Shepard, Aimee ' Al-Ameer, Janna Shaw, Sasha Maksimik, Brooke Bormann, Leah Doty, Laura Coffey with their chaperone Mrs. Priddy

Mrs. Holland is the chaperone for Rachel McNelis, Jessica Elizondo, Melissa Smith, Amanda Fuentes, Sarah Rogers, Karissa Torrez, Elonka Caldwell, Karen Britt, Amanda Gordon, Alyssa Harrison, Emily Rainone, Ashly Spencer, and Sarah Brown


Samantha Lau, Leah Duncan, Sara Lee, Lindsay Power, Sarah McJunkin, Jamie Shirley, Brittany Trobaugh, Abby Satterfield, Hannah Covington, Mallory Fontenot, Rachel Cleveland, Chantal Carey with their chaperone Mrs. Reyes 

Kathryn Kuczaj poses with her chaperone Mrs. Satterfield and the rest of her group which includes Elly Willhite, Marissa Reyes, Brittany Banker, Analynn Crowe, Devin Gonzales, Edie Middleton, Alison Johnson, Joleen Abarca, and Lauren Bates


Brittany Banker, Devin Gonzales, Alison Johnson, Mrs. Carter, Analynn Crowe, Marissa Reyes, and Edie Middleton are excited about the European 2000 Tour


And pictures of friends traveling with us...

Wanda, one of our photographers
with her buddy, Sharon

...we are glad to have all of you along!

About thirty minutes before we went to our gate we took a lot of group pictures.  After the pictures we got our overnight bags and headed toward the gate.  They gave us 7 minutes to say good-bye to everyone.  It was really sad!  Brittany Banker

We cleared security and waited in the lounge, it won't be long now.

Finally, we started to get up and get in three rows to sing "Viva La More" for our parents.   After we sang, we got in reverse passport order, so I was close to the end.  I was glad because I then could wave and blow kisses to my parents.  It was hard leaving them.  Janna Shaw


Mr. Carey offers a prayer,


And we board the plane, Lufthansa Flight # 439.  Frankfurt, Germany here we come!

We boarded at 2:45.  We left at 3:00.  While we were waiting to get on the plane I started to cry a bit.  Audrey Sharratt


Above and Right:  Debi makes sure all of the girls have their boarding passes.

Even though the girls are excited about their trip, boarding the plane is always an emotional time.

The plane ride is great and the seats are really comfortable.
It's a good thing, because the plane ride will take almost 10 hours.

Mrs. Britt, Mallory Fontenot, and Brittany Troubaugh smile for the camera


Karissa Torrez and Samantha Lau

Sasha Maksimik, Marianne Witherspoon, and Lindsey Shepard

On the plane we eat dinner and watched a movie.  Then "lights out!"...we dream about our tour, when we wake up we will be in Germany!

On the plane I got to sit by Liddie Weir.  She was fun and when she fell asleep she didn't even snore!  Sarah Brown
I sat by these two crazy guys.  At night, there was a lady behind us who was wearing one of those masks that are black and you put them over your eyes at night so the light doesn't bother you, and the guys beside us shook there hands in front of her and pretended to hit her in the face.  Lindsey Shepard
After a while we had to go to sleep.  That was a sight to see - Analynn, Edie, Alison & I were all laying on top of each other.  Good night!  Marissa Reyes

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