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European Tour 2000 - Day 10
Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Lucerne, Switzerland

This morning after breakfast with our host families in Tettnang, Germany
we boarded the bus for a short drive to Lucerne.

Shirley Carter wrote:

"We really enjoyed our homestay last night.
Today, we are in Lucerne buying cuckoo clocks, watches and knives (Swiss Army).
Soon we will cross the border and return to Germany to give
a full concert at St. Gallus."

We were excited to go shopping in Lucerne.

Our favorite shopping was at Bucherer's
This store is high class!  They faxed Shirley Carter's remarks
seen on these pages back to Texas without charge!

Everyone bought something special at Bucherers.

They gave us baskets to collect all purchases.


Shopping makes the girls happy, and adults, too, right, Fitzjarrel's?

Everyone had a shopping bag of goodies!


This is a good group of shoppers!

Now, another group of big shoppers.

The shopping was excellent!

Karen posed at beautiful Lake Lucerne right across the street.

Concert at St. Gallus, Tettnang, Germany

That evening, we gave a full concert at St. Gallus Church for our host families.

We had a good crowd!

We started out with our red dress, and red, white and blue collars
to celebrate the Fourth of July.

For the second half of the concert we wore our Indian dresses.

Presentations to our host


Mrs. Carter thanked our host who organized the homestays.

We presented gifts to him.


Laura Coffey helped with the presentations.

We gave him the key to the City of Fort Worth. 
He was very touched.


We prepared to pass out gifts to the audience.

We shared our favorite gifts, Texas souvenirs!


I found out after the performance that the (homestay) mother, the daughter, and the youngest boy came to our performance and they loved us.  The reason the old boy didn't come is because he was making dinner. Sarah Brown

The audience really liked the gifts.


They were very nice.
Our concert was about 2 hours long, and the audience wanted more music!

Mrs. Carter greeted and thanked the audience.

They asked our girls to hold baskets to collect donations
outside the church after the performance


After the concert, some of our friends visited with the host families.

It was a wonderful concert
Then we went home with our host families for the night.

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