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European Tour 2000 - Day 11
Wednesday, July 5th

Leaving our homestays in Tettnang

This morning we met at St. Gallus Church
to say good-bye to our homestay families.


When we woke up in the morning we packed and gave our family their gifts.  They really loved them.  We all swapped addresses and left for the church.  When we had everything loaded on the bus we said good-bye.  Melissa Smith

After breakfast we gave them our family gifts and a thank you card, even though they couldn't speak English.  We arrived at the church at 8:00 am.  I said good-bye to my host family.  Leah Duncan

Today we say good-bye our homestays and load the bus for Bad Krozingen.

Mrs. Fontenot met a host family's puppy - the host families came to see us off.

It was hard to say good-bye - they were all so very nice to us.

Time to load up the busses again

Find your buddy, your chaperone, and load your suitcase!

The host families helped with the luggage.

Don't forget to take pictures of your host family.

Mrs. Carter tried to go to each host family and thank them.

We eat lunch WienerWald in Frieburg.

Frieburg, Germany

Then we stopped at Weinerwald for lunch.  Hey, it was a lot better than McDonalds, that is for sure.  Kathryn Kuczaj

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Texas!

Wienerwald was the closest thing to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Chaperones:  Mrs. Satterfield, Mrs. Reyes, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Fontenot, and Mrs. Priddy take a moment to pose for a picture.

Friend Lee, Friend Marilyn, Friend Abarca have their picture taken as well.


Bad Krozingen, Germany

We arrive at our hotel and change for the performance.

That evening, a performance at Bad Krozingen. Some girls posed with Mr. Priddy.

Our performance was at an amphitheater in a beautiful park.

They loved our cowboy look.

They really enjoyed "60's Partyline" and the solo parts!

This was a good performance with an appreciative audience.

Ilse translated Mrs. Carter's remarks into German.

After the concert we shared more Texas souvenirs - they loved the gifts.

The beautiful floral Peacock was breathtaking!

A group picture in front of the Peacock

After the performance we went and ate at this really nice restaurant for Karissa Torres' birthday.  It was good and they sang Happy Birthday. Amanda Fuentes


Then time for dinner.

What a hat, Mrs. Carey!


Mrs. Priddy had a good table.

We like your hat too, Mrs. Reyes!


Liddie had a fun group with her for dinner.

Elbows on the table?

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Karissa!

Wow, cake and ice cream too!

Happy Birthday Karissa Torrez

After dinner we have a chance to go swimming.

The water was warm and felt good.

When we finished swimming it was time for..."lights out!"
How much money did we spend today?  NONE, can  you believe it???
No time for shopping, but there's always tomorrow!

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