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European Tour 2000 - Day 13
Friday, July 7, 2000

Sightseeing Tour of Paris

This morning after breakfast we met outside of the hotel for sightseeing

Ibis Paris Bastille Hotel

We were up early to go sightseeing today.

Mrs. Carter really liked the motorcycle!

Our guide told us interesting things about Paris.

We all gathered close to hear.

Our bus came down the narrow street and we had to load fast.

We crossed the Seine River.

Joleen has fun with her friends - Lauren, Kathryn and Elly


Picture perfect Paris with its Eiffel Tower and the Arcade Triomphe.
Bookstalls along the Seine and the gardens surrounding the Louvre are all enhanced by the city's grand perspective.  Culturally Paris lives up equally well.
That's how good our sightseeing tour was. Alyssa Harrison

We stopped look at the Arch of Triumph

A good view of the famous Louvre

Paris is a really fun place to visit!

The Opera House in Paris

Our group picture in front of the Eiffel Tower

Shirley Carter and Wanda Rufner

Lunch was at Pizza Hut - a real Pizza Hut!

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral


We got on the bus and changed into our red dress.  We walked (in the pouring rain!)
to Notre Dame - WOW!  We sang there and a lot of people watched us.  Notre Dame was so beautiful!  I can't believe we sang there.  Lauren Bates

Out of the bus it began to rain, so out came the rain bonnets.

We changed clothes on the bus for our performance.
Here is the beautiful Rose Window.


Then we sang at Notre Dame Cathedral!  What a thrilling experience.
To say I actually performed there is just amazing.  I will never forget it.  Then we looked around the Cathedral and I said a prayer for my grandma as I lit a candle.  Jennifer Mitchell

Texas Girls' Choir at Notre Dame Cathedral - seen from the nave

What an honor and a privilege to perform at the Notre Dame Cathedral!

From the transept

A huge crowd gathered as we sang.

from behind

This would be a real highlight of the tour for many of the girls.


People were coming up to us afterwards and telling us how great we did.  Stephanie Snook


We sang "The Lord's Prayer"

The Choir recesses

We processed out and the crowd applauded.  This would be our last performance.

By now it was raining in Paris.  We did some shopping and then
some of us went to the Louvre.

After the performance we changed clothes and had free time.

Those plastic raincoats finally came in handy!

The Louvre

We changed clothes and some went shopping and others went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa.  Unfortunately some didn't get to see it but I did.  I was so happy!
I think this tour of the museum is quite a story - there's about 20 of us
and the guide didn't know where to find the Mona Lisa.  So we were running all over the place.  Chantal Carey


Some of us went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa.

Mrs. Carter went with the girls to the Louvre.

We all posed in front of the "Winged Victory" statue.

Some of us were lucky enough to see the Mona Lisa.

It was still an experience to be at the Louvre, right Marilyn?

Hard Rock Cafe

Tonight we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

We all went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.


After shopping we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.
I got a shirt, a shot glass, and a teddy bear. Marianne Witherspoon

The food was great, and we got to buy T-shirts if we wanted.

Everyone was happy!

Some even looked really happy, like this group!

Mrs. Covington, where's your food - better go shop.

Hey - Mrs. Carter got her Dr. Pepper - Yea!

Stephanie, Lindsay, Marianne and Mallory were friends the whole tour.

That evening we went on a boat ride on the Seine River

After dinner we boarded our boat for a trip down the Seine River.

Still raining but here we go!

Com'on, get on board - it will be fun!

Here we go!

Mr. and Mrs. Coffey had some company for the ride.

There were many sights to see.

Mrs. Carter, Sharon, Megan, and Melissa went on the top deck.


Me and Megan Starkey sat with Mrs. Carter.  We were counting all of the bridges,
but we lost count.  Melissa Smith


More scenery along the banks.

We saw the Eiffel Tower from the water and got to see the laser light show.

Lise and Inga enjoyed some of the girls.

Debi and Layne enjoyed the sights.

Mrs. Maksimik and Mrs. Jack had some company.


It was a double decker boat and Stephanie West, Alesia and I were on the top!
COOOOOOOOLD!  Lauren Cortez


Joleen and Elly with their chaperone, Mrs. Satterfield

Brett and Alyssa had fun.

Hey, Mr. Priddy - what do you think?

Jennifer, Laura, Megan and Jamie stayed outside even though it was cold.

Elonka, Amanda, and Karen enjoyed the ride.

Harrison Witherspoon made some friends on this trip.  He was a great help!

Marilyn and Mrs. Fontenot got sorta wet, but they look happy.

Brett tells Layne what she thinks.



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