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European Tour 2000 - Day 14
July 8th, 2000

Leaving Paris, France

We left Paris, France at 7:00 am

Well, it's our last day.  Mrs. Holland and Mrs. Reyes wait at the airport.

Our flight from Paris to Frankfurt was delayed - a problem with the plane.

So we made ourselves at home in the waiting area.

Does that luggage look familiar?

We watched our luggage being loaded and unloaded, and loaded again.

Still, more waiting, so some girls took a nap.
Let's face it!  We had to get up early!

Even Emily passed out!

We saw the Condorde - the world's fastest passenger plane - being
pushed from its gate.  Wish we could have gotton on!

Mrs. Fontenot passed out and Mrs. Satterfield used her for a pillow.

Time to do tour reports.

Brittany listened to her favorite CD while doing her report.

Jennifer was hard at work.

Darbo, have you started yet?  Only 8 more hours to go!

When our tour reports were finished it was time to get up and visit.

Time to take pictures with our friends.

For some of us this would be our last tour together.

Analynn, Brittany and Devin had a fun trip together.

Arriving at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

By 2:30 pm a huge welcoming committee of parents and friends
had gathered at Gate 34

We were almost home and our families began to gather at D/FW.

Here we come - we're about to land!

Then we made it to the gate and we were glad to be back home.

Shirley Carter leads the group into Customs
On this side of the glass wall there is much cheering and applause!

Mrs. Carter gave the "thumbs-up" sign to let all know we were fine.

Three of our friends held signs against the glass to welcome us home.

And, what seemed like forever, the group emerges from Customs
Hello, Mom and Dad!

We finally made it through customs and got to see our families.

Some of us were missing our suitcases - they were still in Paris.

But we were glad to be home.

There was a sea of signs and balloons.

Everyone was looking for her family.

Hi, Mom and Dad, I have so much to tell you!

There were so many balloons of all sizes.

Some girls couldn't see their parents for the crowd.

It is very hot in Texas - time to shed the coats!

After all the girls came the friends and the adults.

Buddies said one last goodby before going home.

Sara and Mrs. Lee had a great time!


I will always remember the fun I had on my first Long Tour.  Edie Middleton


Texas Girls' Choir
2000 European Tour

Shirley Carter - Director
Debi Weir - Tour Director
Layne Trent - Accompanist

Chaperones - Gloria Reyes
                           Helen Holland
                                Beverly Priddy
                                      Kathy Satterfield

Security - Joe Klein and Curtis Priddy

Assistant Chaperones - Chantal Carey and Priscilla Fontenot

Assistant Security - Bill Carey

Website  - Dr. John Mackenzie and Alyce Bishop


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