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European Tour 2000 - Day 4
Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Oberammergu - Passion Play

I woke up at 5:30!  The birds and bells from the church were so loud and the sun was in my face.  Joleen Abarca

The adults prepare sack lunches for intermission at the Passion Play.

  We walked up to this very large amphitheater.           The day for group B began with a tour.

Today we got up at 6:15 and we got on the bus - a good morning Rudy.  We drove to the Passion Play.  It was great.  It was the best play I had ever seen in my life.  It was so emotional and well planned out.  It was just so good.  Alice Priddy


If you don't know what the passion play is about: Every 10 years, the people in Oberammergau set up what is called the Passion spiel (German).  A long time ago, the Black Plague hit Germany and millions of people died.  When the plague was gone the people wanted to thank God for saving them and so they "spread the word" through the Passion Play.  It's 6 hours long and every minute of it is the life of Jesus.
This year is their 40th year doing this. Rachel McNellis

Shirley Carter wrote

"The Passion Play began at 9:30 am, 12:30 - 3 pm a lunch and shopping break
and it continued 'till 6:20 pm.
Enough cannot be said about how "Wonderful" the play was.
There was a 75 voiced mixed adult choir that sang the story of Jesus.
The orchestra was excellent.  The scenes with live people were exquisite.
The townspeople of Oberammergau started in the fall of 1999
growing their hair so they would look like the people in olden days.
Their costumes were well done with lead characters depicting the 12 disciples,
Herod, Jesus, etc. were of a different color.
The trial and crucifixion seemed so real people in the audience cried.
While it was long and the hall that seated several thousand was cold
we loved the play.  It was worth the trip."

Oberammergau Passion Play about to begin


The part where they crucified Christ was so realistic, that I actually thought the actor was dying!  Sarah Loyd


After the morning performance we had lunch and went shopping during the break.

We had lunch on the lawn.  We love those yummy hard roll sandwiches - NOT!
Surprise!  So far from home and look who we run in to, Ruth and Martha Bryant.


After lunch there was time for shopping. 


But some of us including Ilse were just shopped out!


Shirley Carter and Ilse Roderick our chief tour escort

A group picture and a song

" 'Mrs. Carter insisted we go to the church with the onion dome (Russia influence
architect) to see where the people met and prayed to be spared from the
black plague.  We saw graves of some of those who had died in the 1660's.
We arrived at the church at 8 pm and attended mass.' "

"They asked us up to sing for what they called the finale.  The church was smaller
than the Wieskirche Church.  It was in gothic style and was more ornate
with beautiful chandeliers."  Shirley Carter


Afterwards, we sang at this beautiful cathedral.  People even recorded us.  It was neat and beautiful.  Then, across the street, we shopped at a wood shop.  I bought a CD of the Passion Play there.  Joleen Abarca


"After mass we visited a family owned wood carving shop.  They made all the
wood carvings.  We bought lots of smokers, nativity sets and all sorts of carvings.  Now after a few days we realize even more that these carvings were the finest and were reasonable."  Shirley Carter

Then Mrs. Carter took us to a woodcarving shop.

Everyone got her German smoker.  I think we bought out the shop!

Some of us took a break with Layne before returning to the youth hostel - Goodnight!


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