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European Tour 2000 - Day 5
Thursday, June 29, 2000

Oberammergau to Salzburg, Austria

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Marianne Witherspoon

Look at the beautiful mountains.

Rudy, on the right, was Bus A's driver.  Who do you think is stronger?

Leaving Oberammergau


Group A left Oberammergau and Group B would be coming soon.



Arriving in Salzburg, Austria and stopped to visit the Cathedral.

We found another beautiful ornate church inside.



Time for a little free time and, of course, shopping.
Sharon and Wanda found a fruit and vegetable market.
Then Wanda found a shop where a sweet old lady was making hats.

Mozart's Birthplace


When I saw Mozart's home I was shocked because you would think that composer would have more than a 1 room apartment.  Even I'm better off.  Karen Britt

How do you like our hats?  We think they are pretty neat!



Can you see what's special in this picture below?

It's the "Golden Arches"!

Can you guess where we got these drinks?
Our favorite place to eat lunch!   The "Golden Arches" above.


Finally it was time to walk back to our hotel . . .

. . . Hotel Stein.

Dinner at Hotel Stein, Salzburg


We had dinner at a restaurant.  I sat with Analynn, Edie, Marissa, Brittany, Darbo and Rachel also Mrs. Satterfield.  Okay well maybe it was something in the food, I don't know but for some reason everyone was laughing and they couldn't stop, even Mrs. Carter!  And it was really weird like a disease that got to everyone and Rachel was still laughing even after we go to the hotel.  Alison Johnson



At dinner we had pancake soup again.  It was Stephanie Fisher's birthday
and we sang happy b-day 2 her.  Megan Sheriden

Happy Birthday Joleen Abarca, Stephanie Fisher!

Joleen celebrates her birthday.

Stephanie celebrates her birthday.

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!  I'm now 12.  Happy birthday Marianne Witherspoon.  It is so weird, Marianne and I were born the same day, same year and about the same time in the day. Stephanie Fisher

(Joleen's birthday was day before yesterday but we were at the youth hostel so we are celebrating tonight)
(Marianne is at the youth hostel tonight in the other group, so we will celebrate her birthday tomorrow)

After dinner we had an informal performance at the Salzburg Cathedral.

At first, there were not many people in the church . . .

. . . but when they heard our performance, a crowd began to gather.

The sound was beautiful!

The sign told about the church and worship services planned.

After the performance we processed out of the church and walked back to the hotel and to bed.


While we were on the way, we stopped at an Abbey and sang.  The sound was breathtaking.  We checked into Hotel Stein, our room was huge!  There were designs on the ceiling and the one room was as big as my living room and dining room together.  Alesia, Lauren, and I had a washing party!  We put all our dirty clothes in the tub and just started washing.  Lauren scrubbed, Alesia rinsed, and I rung them out.  Stephanie West

We rode up the lift to our room and unloaded our stuff.  We had a great view of the city.  It was so pretty.  Jennifer Holland

Our hotel was called Hotel Stein.  It was so freaky because there were pictures of skeletons all over the walls and I hate skeletons!  Lindsey Shepard



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