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European Tour 2000 - Day 6
Friday, June 30, 2000

Salzburg, Austria

Shirley Carter wrote:

"Mozart's birthplace in Salzburg was our meeting place as we shopped
up and down and all around where he lived, played and composed.
We bought all sorts of things related to Mozart from CDs, picture plates
and boxes, T-shirts and candy."

Today was a day of sightseeing.

Breakfast at Hotel Stein

We got up and got dressed and then went to breakfast and I had some bread.  It was so good!  And everybody saw the Darbo honey at the hotel - it was really cool!  Stephanie Darbo


Our guide was dressed in a traditional German costume.

We went to the main part of the city and took a walking tour.  Our guide was Gabbi.
We saw the Opera House, 3 squares and a cathedral, Mozart's birthplace, and many beaufiful fountains.  We then went to the park where the Do-Re-Mi from the "Sound Of Music" was filmed.  Lindsay Power


One of the first stops was Mozart's birthplace.   Then to the square and a beautiful water fountain.

NOTE:  We were very lucky to receive several pictures of the sight seeing tours.
To view the rest of the pictures CLICK HERE!

During our sightseeing tour we had the opportunity to perform
in the church were the wedding from the "Sound Of Music" was filmed.

Last, we visited the church where Maria was married.  Of course we had to sing one song!

Lunch in Salzburg

The girls ate lunch at the only Pizza place in town.

A Visit to the Saltmines

"The Salt Mines of Salzburg are hundreds of years old.
We had to put on baggy pants and a coat with a leather thing that was
a half moon on our rear.  To go down we boarded a train (open),
getting on it like you would board a horse and it carried us way down
through tunnels."

Next, we travelled to the Salzburg Salt Mines.
We all had to put on protective suits.

Then we went to the Salt Mines.  We dressed in these really big clothes and rode on a little train through tunnels.  There is this part where you go down these slides.  And on our outfits we had butt flaps to protect our butts on the slides.  Then we rode this boat across this big lake underground salt water.  It was really cool.  Sarah Rogers


Don't we look cute?

"We finally got to a plateau and disembarked.
Then we were told to sit on this rail slide and go down three stories to the
next level.  We were hesitant and four girls got on the rail as the man
held a control board to hang on before you let go and slide.
You could hear screams of echoes all the way down.
We could see the girls get off laughing and giving the victory sign.
Others started lining up and soon we were all down."

We loaded our tram for a ride through the Salt Mines.  Having fun, Mrs. Carter?

"To learn how they dig the mines and purify it and categorize different
kinds of salt was interesting.  Water plays a  big part.  As we walked shafts
and tunnels we would rub flakes of salt and lick it.
We finally got to a hugh water pond 7 to 8' deep and we crossed by boat.
On we went through tunnels.  Finally we got our last chance to slide down
several more levels and there was lots of screaming again.
The train picked us up and took us to the top.
As we got off they gave us a mini box of salt.
They took pictures of us screaming down the slide.  You'll like them."

As we came out of the mine we stopped to pick up our pictures of slide.
On the right: Peter, Bus B's bus driver, was caught in this picture.

We really enjoyed the Salt Mines!

The Sound of Music Show

"That evening we attended the "Sound of Music" Theater
where we did a 20 minute pre show concert twice.
It began with a film of Maria VanTrapp real interview with her.  She was charming.
Then a troupe of five singers and pianist sang all the lead songs
of the Sound Of Music.  They were excellent and we were invited
to go to Hungry next year and perform."

This evening we were invited to perform before the "Sound Of Music" show started.

Then we went to a restaurant and performed twice.  It was so fun, because the people were nice.There were these other people that were singing Sound Of Music songs and a guy told me that we sounded better than they did, which kind of took me by suprise.  Jamie Shirley


They sang all the familiar songs.
Some of our group were invited to join the show.

They were real "hams", especially Mr. Carey.

For Group B the Sound Of Music show came to us during dinner.

Group A Finale

Group B Finale

Most of the girls joined in the finales.




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