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European Tour 2000 - Day 8
Sunday, July 2, 2000

Venice, Italy

Shirley Carter wrote:

"Sunday we performed during two masses at Chiesa San Salvador
and a mini concert between.
We ended the second mass with the Hallelujah Chorus
and the elderly priest cried and shook our hand."

Mrs. Carter checks the sound equipment with Joe

Today was Sunday and we had to sing for church.

First we had to walk to the water taxi.

We were all dressed up for church and had a long way to go.


We got on a boat and headed for our performance.  There is a 10:00 mass and 11:00 mass and we were asked to sing at both.  Karissa Torrez

We boarded the water taxi.

We found a seat and we were on our way.  Ready, Sara?

Mass at Chiesa San Salvador

We arrived at San Salvador Cathedral.

Then it was time to sing.

The church has tall ceilings and our voices echoed throughout it.

The alter was beautiful and the Priest was very touched by our music.

We sang throughout the service.

The service was all in Italian, but it was beautiful.

We sang a lot and they wanted more.

This was our first performance together after being apart for 3 days.

After the first church service we took a walk through Venice.

Shirley Carter wrote:

"We had a 'Golden Arch' lunch and then a walking (1 hour) tour of Venice."


Then we took a walking tour through Venice.  We learned about Marco Polo and St. Mark.  We saw where Marco set sail on his voyage and where St. Mark was buried.  Analynn Crowe


Red dresses and fanny packs - what a fashion statement, Abby!


Then we fed the pigeons, that was fun. A couple of them landed on Mrs. May and Emily's head.  Karissa Torrez

Then we fed the pigeons. It was so fun!  They flew all over me!  Jamie caught 5!  One bit her too! Mallory Fontenot


Jamie, is that a pigeon you are holding?

Mrs. Carter and Sharon take a break before the next church performance.

A group picture in front of the famous Venice bridge.

Arrival in St. Mark's Square

We had to wait outside St. Mark's to leave our things.

Staying cool and staying out of the way of Pidgeon droppings was a challenge!

Finally everyone figured out - move away from the buildings.

The canals were everywhere . . .

. . . there are 118 bridges in Venice.

The streets were narrow but very interesting.

Does everyone have her fanny pack and a buddie?

By this time we were hot and tired of walking.

Jamie, Meghan and Jennifer considered a Gondola ride.

Back to St. Mark's Square

The architecture of all the buildings in St. Mark's Square was outstanding!

Shirley Carter wrote:

"We ended up at St. Marco Square where we were a part of the 6:45 pm
Mass at the Bascilica of San Marcos.
People lined up in long lines just to go in and see this magnificent church.
For the finale of the Mass we again performed Handel's 'Hallelujah Chorus'
As we processed out people stood applauding yelling 'bravo' and 'vamisimo'.
We were pleased with the church and the peoples' reception."

It was time for our performance at St. Mark's Cathedral.

This cathedral is very famous - St. Mark is buried here.

Our performance was very well received.

The stained glass windows of the cathedral were beautiful.

"In Venice we shopped 'till we dropped.
It was so hot here.  Our hotel was well located and air conditioned.
We loved it here riding the water taxis."


I held a pigeon, then when we took a group picture the pigeons came up to us
and one pigeon pecked my knee.  Leah Doty


An official picture in front of San Marcos Cathedral
Since Venice has so many pigeons we let them into our picture!



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