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European Tour 2000 - Day 9
Monday, July 3, 2000

Venice, Italy to Tettnang, Germany

Our last breakfast in Venice

Lindsey, Samantha and Jamie enjoy their breakfast.
How do you like our new tour shirts?

Everyone looks awake and ready to go!

We had to wait in the lobby for all to check out and for our luggage to be picked up.

Some of us read mail from home.

Then posed for some group pictures.

Mrs. Holland's group outside of the hotel

Mrs. Priddy's group

Mrs. Reyes' got her group together for a picture.

Then, Mrs. Satterfield's group

Last but not least Layne poses with Debi's group.

Then an unposed picture of our friends.

One more water taxi ride

Everyone looks awake and happy today.
We are on our way to Tettnang, Germany

Shirley Carter wrote:

"Our day long drive to Tettnang to meet our homestay was beautiful
as we drove through the Austrian, German, Switzerland and Italian Alps.
Yes, there was snow on the tops and the waterfalls were gorgeous."

Time to load our busses again.

A group of smiling choir girls glad to be back on our bus,
but we loved Venice.

What, no seating chart?

Mrs. Priddy was dancing in the aisles!

A stop at the Mega Grocery Store was fun.
You had to wear gloves to handle the fruit!


After breakfast we got on the bus to head to Tettnang, Germany.  This was also a very long bus ride.  After forever and three years we stopped at a grocery store to buy things for sack lunches.Then we took them to a rest stop where we made them.  By the time we got there we had been through five countries.  Alesia Barnett


A stop for a picnic lunch

Our adults made sandwiches assembly-line style.

Who wants pickles, mustard or mayonnaise - real meat sandwiches - WOW!

It was fun to eat outside.

Did everyone get plenty to eat?  I think so!

We were stuffed and ready for our long ride.


We went through 5 countries in 1 day - Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Germany.  There were so many waterfalls in the mountains. Megan Starkey


There were waterfalls everywhere.

Our busses traveled together through this beautiful secenery.

Don't look down - I'd hate to fall - only rocks below.

Then we met our homestay families

Finally, we arrived in Tettnang where our homestay families were waiting.

It started to rain, but the families still waited for us.

Everyone had to find her luggage to take...

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