1999 British Isles Tour

Visit Scotland with us!
Visit Scotland with us!
Visit Wales with us!
Visit Wales with us!
Visit Ireland with us!
Visit Ireland with us!


Day 1 -Thursday, July 8, 1999

Getting To the Airport

Ready to go
30 Touring Girls checking in
I got up at about 6:30, waking me was my “mum” bringing me a spot of peppermint tea. 
Catherine Weber
We drove to the airport and when we got there we were told to go stand in passport order to get our luggage checked in for our flight. 
Jennifer Holland
We got asked a couple of questions to be safe. 
Amanda Fuentes
…we went through security – I beeped 2 times. 
Alice Priddy
Then we got in rows.  We all began to hear our parents cry as we sang for them. 
It was a touching moment! 
Amanda Fuentes
My anticipation skyrocketed then suddenly without warning dropped below normal.  For the first time I realized that I was leaving my family behind. 
Sarah Miller
Lining up to leave

On the Plane to England

The plane pulls out We boarded our airplane and we were off in a flash.  Chantal Carey
It had a little TV on the back of the head of the chair.  Everyone had their own remote control. Laura Hagen
We played games, watched movies, it was pretty cool!   Amanda Fuentes

Well, Samantha (my buddy) and I are having a great flight and we are enjoying our coloring “Pooh” books and colors.  Right now it is 5:00 pm – Texas time.  Soon will come dinner, and then we are official on London time.  I can't wait!  I will remember to write down everything I do & see, or even feel, so that my tour report will be the best one ever.  Rachel Cleveland

For dinner I ate beef with noodles.  My buddy kept on stealing my pillow.  Samantha Lau

The adults said Lights Out but all of the first time Long Tour girls could not go to sleep no matter what they said.  Alyssa Harrison

This was an overnight flight and we were supposed to go to sleep but me and Alison stayed up all night watching October Skies . . Shhh don't tell.  Marissa Reyes

I sat beside Darbo and Chantal.  On the ride there they were just talking, talking, talking the whole time so I couldn't sleep any.  I only got like an hour of sleep so when I got there Jet lag really hit me.  Stephanie Fisher

This morning we woke up at 5:00 London Time (only 2 hours after the time we went to bed 9:45 our time)! Megan Starkey

We got up from our 1 hour “nap” around 5:30 am (London time), so we were just a LITTLE tired.  We had breakfast, (isn't plane food so yummy?)   Lindsay Power

Day 2 - Friday, July 9, 1999

At the London Airport

Arriving in London
Checking in at Gatwick Airport
Megan Starkey, Catherine Weber, Caitlin Kramer and Jennifer Holland
We arrived in London at 6:45 and got all of our junk off the plane.  Stephanie Darbo
We all picked up our bags and groggily we pushed along.  Besides our own suitcases we had to carry a box each on our carts.  Samantha Lau
Ruth had trouble turning corners and she kept running into walls at the airport.  Megan Starkey
We arrived in London and had to go through customs and a passport check.  We met our Ambassador Tour Escort.  Her name was Lynne.  Brittany Trobaugh

London, England!

One of the places I've always wanted to visit was London, England.  All the history and buildings!  They were so! Beautiful.  Abby Satterfield

We met our Tour escort Lynne. Alyssa Harrison
We got to meet our one-day bus driver, Steve. He was really funny and I think he wanted us to interact with him.  Shortly before we departed I made a comment to him, he laughed, and Debi got mad.  Oops!  Ruth Bryant
I remember Steve saying the driving license age was 17 over here, glad I live in the States!  He also mentioned that you can have up to 12 points in 4 years.  Jennifer Mitchell
Our Tour Escort
Lynne Diloriento, our Tour Escort

We loaded our bus and took a sightseeing tour of London with our guide.  She took us all around London.  We saw Westminster Abby, Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral and the London tower.  Amanda Fuentes

Our tour guide Lynne was so nice and she had a very clear voice too.  Kade Stevens

The airport is about 45 minutes away from London.  We got to see some very pretty scenery. 
Next we met our tour guide for the day.  Fiona was very nice and was informative.  She told us a lot about the churches, and the historical landmarks.  Laura Hagen

The Tower of London

Arriving at The Tower of London
  Fiorna, our Tour Guide at the Tower of London
We picked up our tour guide, Fiona, then toured the city.  We saw the London Tower where the “privileged” were executed.  Karrissa Torrez
During the tour we stopped at London Tower but we did not get to go inside (today).  After that the tour guide told us about the Tower Bridge which is right next to the Tower of London.  Katherine Kuczaj

Did you know, the Beefeaters in the 1800’s used to test the meat for poison before the Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes ate it.  Chantal Carey
Back in Medieval Times, executions and trials were very unfair.  The justice system was based on superstition, so you were most likely guilty.  Executions were mostly held in front of large, cheering, drunk crowds.  Lindsay Power
Texas Girls Choir at the Tower of London
 Texas Girls' Choir at the Tower of London
with Tower Bridge in the background

Pictures with the Beefeaters
Texas Girls' Choir Officers pose with the Beefeaters
Abby Satterfield, Alice Priddy, Ruth Bryant, Jennifer Holland, Marissa Reyes
Chantal Carey, Stephanie Darbo, Valerie Burton, Alyson Johnson, Caitlin Kramer

 Buckingham Palace

Changing of the Guard
The Scottish Guard at the Changing of the Guard
At 11:30 we saw Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard.  CatherineWeber
The Queen was gone for the day because she was in Scotland dealing with some issues.  So, no tea today.  Jennifer Mitchell

We stopped at Buckingham Palace to see the guards in their fuzzy hats change places with different guards.  Sara Pitts
The guards wore a really big Bear skin hat – it must have been at least 2 ½ ft. wall – I mean it was big.  Jennifer Holland
Changing of the Guard

Buckingham Palace
The Texas Girls' Choir at Buckingham Palace

 Our first London Lunch and shopping

Afterwards we went and had lunch at the “American Embassy” or McDonald’s.  Fooled ya, didn't I?  Valerie Burton

We also went to a world classic restaurant for lunch.  The wonderful, magnificent, one in a million McDonald’s.  Yes that's right we traveled way over 3000 miles to eat at McDonald’s.  Rachel Cleveland

We drove to lunch at McDonald’s, then exchanged our money.  Lindsay Power
And listen to this – they don't take American money.  An internationally known restaurant. Ha! Sara Pitts

Later on we went to Harrods.  I bought a very pretty ring.   Laura Hagen

Harrods is expensive! Alyssa Harrison
I asked a few cashiers where the Paddingon Bears were – I got one.  Ruth Bryant

The Forum Hotel

Forum Hotel Then we checked into our hotel.  We looked around in such amazement.  Then we got settled in and sighed with relief, BEDS.  Amanda Fuentes

Waiting in the lobby
The girls wait in the lobby for their room assignments

Shhhhh, Jennifer is sleeping
Wake up, Jennifer! 
Here are our rooms!
 To our rooms, at last!
We met in the lobby to go shopping.  When we got back we ate dinner, and explored London on double decker busses.  Catherine Weber
We ate at the hotel.  We had chicken, potatoes, and my favorite part, dessert.  Laura Hagen
That night we rode the “Tube” to Picadilly Circus.  There were two men there, in silver paint and they were like statues/mimes . . he started picking my hair and throwing imaginary things to the audience.  I started picking the things too – and acting like I was eating them.  Then he started to eat them. Ruth Bryant
We also saw flame throwers. Katheryn Kuczaj

I'm having fun – thank you mommy and daddy for sending me on this trip.  Chantal Carey

Day 3 - Saturday, July 10, 1999

Good Morning, London!

London, England!

Time for breakfast
Breakfast at the Forum Hotel
Good Morning London – Queen Elizabeth wake up.  This place is soo cool.  Alice Priddy
We got up at 7:15 am and ate a wonderful breakfast at 8:00.  Sara Pitts
I was in charge of collecting mail, so I went around collecting mail.  I don't want to brag but I did a pretty good job of collecting all of the mail if I do say so myself. Winter Vasquez

Breakfast looks great!
Valerie Burton, Ruth Bryant, Katherine Kucjaz, Winter Vasquez
Abby says HI!
Abby Satterfield
Thank you for the pictures Mr. Klein!
 Joe Klein ready to E-mail us pictures 
Waiting to begin our day of touring

Girls waiting in the lobby to start touring


The Tower of London

London Bridge
London Bridge

We walked to the tube which transferred us to the “Tower of London”.  We looked at the bridge and took pictures.  We also looked at the “Crown Jewels”.  That was very interesting and also beautiful.  Amanda Fuentes
The Tower of London is located in a little village.  The Beef eaters take care of the little village and the “Ravens” are part of the crow family.  In the 1600’s the Kings said that there should always be six Ravens on ground at all times. Chantal Carey
Welcome to the Tower of London
Touring the Tower of London
Walking tour of the Tower of London
Hi Texas, from the Tower of London
Back Row - Amanda Fuentes, Sarah Miller, Lindsay Power, 
Samantha Lau, Karissa Torrez    
Front Row -  Jennifer Mitchell, Alyssa Harrison, 
Brittany Trobaugh, and Laura Hagen
It was beautiful there.  Kings and Queens would live there.  We saw the Crown Jewels.  There was a sword that belonged to King Henry the First.  The sword was bigger than me.  My oath.  Alyssa Harrison
We got to see a movie about the Crown Jewels.  It was cool.  Brittany Trobaugh
They (the Crown Jewels) are so pretty.  I can't believe that people wear those on their heads because they look so heavy, and I bet they are. I know that my head would hurt after wearing them.  Alice Priddy

We first visited the “big ravens”, then the Bloody Castle, the beautiful Crown Jewels, after that we got a group picture, headed to the gift shop, then left.  Catherine Weber

We saw the famous black ravens.  The Legend is, if the ravens fly out of the tower, the monarchy will fall.  Laura Hagen

In the 1600’s the Kings said that there should always be six Ravens on the grounds at all times. Chantal Carey

 Beefeater telling the tragic story of the two Princes
Then we went to the Bloody Tower.  There were once two young boys living in the tower.  One was the heir to the throne.  All of a sudden they disappeared.  Lori Kreger
He told us about a boy who was killed by his uncle, because he wanted to be King and it was a true story.  They were buried at Westminster Abby.  Winter Vasquez
We went in and stood where 6 people were executed, including 2 of 6 of the wives of Henry the VIII!!!  Lindsay Power

Texas Girls Choir at London Bridge

                                                                    The Texas Girls' Choir at London Bridge
Some of our Chaperones at London Bridge

Helen Holland, Joe Klein, Curtis Priddy, Joy Brown, and Sam Gilley

Some of our chaperones at London Bridge
Adults at London Bridge
 Helen Holland, Joe Klein, Curtis Priddy, Sam Gilley, 
Darrel Kennedy,  Mrs. Satterfield, Joy Brown, Liddy Weir

There was a stuffed animal – a beef eater bear that I took a picture beside.  Samantha Lau
On the Royal guards (beefeaters) uniforms is the symbol E II R.  The E stands for Elizabeth, the II stands for the second, and the R stands for royalty.  Kathryn Kuczaj

Pictures with the Beefeater Bear
Kade Stevens, Mr. Priddy and Abby Satterfield 
Pictures with the Beefeater Bear
 Valerie Burton and Winter Vasquez

The Underground and Westminster Abby

Hi Texas, from The Under Ground Tower
 The Underground, Tower Hill Station
Jennifer Holland, Catherine Weber
Valerie Burton, Megan Starkey, Caitlin Kramer, Ruth Bryant, Sara Pitts
Winter Vasquez, Katheryn Kucjaz

We got to ride the tube it was really cool.  I even got to stand-up it was hard but fun.  Stephanie Darbo Wonderland at the Tower of London Wonderland at the Tower of London
Alison Johnson, Marissa Reyes, Kade Stevens, Stephanie FisherAlyssa Harrison, Alice Priddy and Sarah Miller

Riding the TUBE
Stephanie Fisher, Winter Vasquez, 
Katherine Kuczaj, and Valerie Burton
Riding the TUBE
Samantha Jo Sleadd, Stephanie Darbo, and Rachel Tyler

After that we went back on the tube and rode to Westminster Abby.  We took lots of pictures and also had a group picture.  Laura Hagen The Texas Girls Choir on the TUBE in London
The Group On The Tube
Joe Klein, Marissa Reyes, Samantha Lau, Lindsay Power, 
Kade Stevens, Mrs. Reyes, Abby Satterfield, Megan Starkey, 
Jennifer Holland, and Catherine Weber

Texas Girls Choir at Westminster Abby
The Texas Girls' Choir at Westminster Abby


Then we went street shopping.  For 3 pounds a guy would bend wire to make your name and then turn it into a necklace.  Samantha Lau
Then we got to go on to Oxford Street and go shopping.  This time I got two whole bags of cheap London stuff.  Wow.  Kade Stevens
Afterwards we went shopping and sightseeing on Oxford Street, Covent Gardens and Harrod’s.  Caitlin Kramer
We ate at Pizza Hut.  I had a mushroom pizza.  It wasn't that bad.  Laura Hagen

We went to Trafalger Square, Hard Rock, and walked around and looked at all the sites.  They were amazing.  Stephanie Fisher Hard Rock Cafe
Rachel Tyler, Stephanie Darbo, and Kade Stevens

Trafalgar Square

   At Trafalgar square we got to shop and feed the pigeons.  That was a lot of fun.  Samantha Sleadd
Trafalgar Square had a lot of pigeons.  One gave Laurie a gift!  Hah, Hah!  Sarah Miller
Feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square
Sara Pitts and Rachel Tyler feed the Pigeons

The pigeons were very friendly
Sara Pitts and Rachel Tyler show off their new headgear
Even Mr. Priddy made a new friend.
Mr. Priddy has his Pepsi but where is his cup of food?

Dinner and Beauty and the Beast

We rode the tube well it's like the subway but they call it the tube.  Karissa Torrez
Then we took the tube to go shopping.  We ate dinner at Parker's Wine Bar. They had really good food.  Amanda Fuentes
Riding the TUBE to see Beauty and the Beast

Lazagna for dinner, yum!   We had Lazagna, and they thought we ate ketchup with our Lazagna since we were Americans.  Catherine Weber
. . . then we walked to the Dominion theater to watch Beauty and the Beast.  Marissa Reyes

Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast is) a story of a young woman and a prince who is trapped in a beast’s body because of a spell.  All the things in his castle are all alive like his clock, his candlestick, his china and the hutch. 
Sara Pitts

I have never seen a play like that.  The special effects were so real.  It almost felt like you were part of the play.  Laura Hagen


The props were beautiful and the characters were really funny!  There were real fireworks on the stage and boy were they loud.  Megan Starkey

I like the part where the Beast changes back to a human.  Karissa Torrez

We had lots of fun!!!!!  We even did choir choreography to all the songs. Ruth Bryant

The play had a few extra songs in it that were never heard in the original movie.  I didn’t buy anything from the gift shop but they had watches, shirts, bags, and song books.  It was quite entertaining.  Samantha Lau

I bought a really, really nice program back with a lot of great pictures, the costumes and everything.  Stephanie Fisher
When it was over we took double-decker buses back to our hotel.  Lori Kreger

After the show we went back to the hotel on the “tube”.  And got ready for bed.  Alison Johnson

That was a great play!

Debi and Layne came in our room to help Rachel Tyler and Chantal clean-up!  When they did they ate some of Chantal’s food pack!  Rachel Cleveland

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