1999 British Isles Tour
Visit England with us!
Visit England with us!
Visit Scotland with us!
Visit Scotland with us!
Visit Wales with us!
Visit Wales with us!


Day 12 - Monday, July 19, 1999
Moran's Red Cow Hotel

Girls pose on the staircase of the Red Cow Inn

This would be our first full day in Dublin, Ireland!  After breakfast we started sightseeing and had a performance at St. Mary's Church in Dublin.

Joe Klein and Samantha Sleadd

Liddie Weir and Joy Brown

The fireplace feels good!

St. Mary's Cathedral, Dublin

St. Mary's Cathedral, Dublin

Texas Girls' Choir performing at St. Mary's Cathedral, Dublin

Audience at St. Mary's Cathedral, Dublin

Leaving the church

Laura Hagan, Abby Saterfield, Priest, and Mrs. Carter

They had a reception for us!

Joe Klein poses with our hostesses

Shopping in Dublin

Then we had some time to shop!

Texas Girls' Choir - famoous street crossing underway!

Shopping in Dublin

Rachel Tyler goes window shopping!

Kade Stevens and Samantha Lau shopping

Rachel Tyler and Alyssa Harrison posing as bus driver and tour guide!

Our touring included an appreciation of the Georgian architecture on the buildings that we passed, the helicoptor pad where the Pope landed when visiting Ireland, and a Dublin building which inspired the architect to design our White House!

Georgian door - Georgian Architecture

Helicopter pad where the Pope landed when visiting Ireland

Dublin Government building which inspired the White House architecture

Swimming at Red Cow Hotel

We got to swim at the hotel - hooray!  After swimming we had the traditional Texas Girls' Choir Long Tour Talent Show!

Swimming at the hotel

 Talent Show

On Monday night at the hotel the famous talent show took place.  Everyone took part, including the adults!

TGC Long Tour Talent Show

Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Reyes, Mrs. Priddy and Mrs. Satterfield perform

Talent show audience

TGC Talent Show audience

Day 14 - Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Leaving for the Airport

This morning we finished packing and left the hotel to go to the airport in Dublin.  Next stop TEXAS! The men loaded the luggage and we were on our way.  At the airport Mrs. Carter thanked our bus driver and we after checking in our luggage we waited in the lounge.  We were so excited to be coming home!

Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Gilley, Mr. Priddy and our bus driver load the luggage

Mr. Priddy and 3 friends wait in the hotel lobby to leave

Mrs. Carter thanks our bus driver at the airport

Then we check in our luggage at the airport in Dublin



There was a lot of time for pictures while waiting in the airport lounge


TGC "Medicine Woman" making her rounds



Darrell Kennedy, Liddie Weir and Joy Brown

Our flight from Dublin to Dallas-Fort Worth

It was time to board our Continental flight from Dublin to Newark, New Jersey outside of New York City.  We left at 9:45 am for a 7 hour flight, but guess what?  We arrived at Noon!  On the way we had a lot of time to write our tour reports.  We had lunch on the plane.

Over the Atlantic, home still seems far away!

Writing tour reports on the plane

Landing at Newark, New York City was easy to see!

Then we transferred to our Dallas-Fort Worth flight

We were still writing our tour reports!

Chantal Carey writing her tour report

Finally we arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  We were tired but happy to be home!  Hello Mom and Dad!  It was a great tour!



Thank you
Mrs. Carter, Debi, Layne
and all the adults who were on the trip!

We are already working on the permanent version of
1999 British Isles Tour
with more pictures, some of these pictures improved
and the story in the girls' own words!

We will do England first, then Scotland, and so on.
So keep checking back!
Also when we are done, we plan to put the tour
on a CD ROM which you can put in your computer
and see the tour without going on the internet!
It will load much faster, and it may even have music on it!

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