1999 British Isles Tour
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Visit England with us!
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Visit Scotland with us!
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Windemere, and Stockport, England

Day 10 - Saturday, July 17, 1999

Leaving Scotland

At 7:30 am today we leave for Scotland and maybe feed the sheep.  Karissa Torrez

We went to breakfast and we ate cereal with milk and orange juice.  I really like tea and so I got some of it.  Jennifer Holland

We got up and got dressed.  Today was our last day in Scotland.  We had to bring our suitcase and overnight bag, then we ate breakfast and got on the bus and drove to the Moffet Woolen Mill.  Sarah Miller

Sleeping Beauty - Darrell Kennedy

Joy Brown and Liddy Weir leaving the Braid Hills Hotel 

TGC girls leaving the hotel

Ruth Bryant and Valerie Burton's private butler

Good-bye, Edinburgh!

Beautiful scenery
On the way we saw dairies, sheep, lots of cows, even llamas they blend in with the sheep.  Sara Pitts

When we left we looked out the windows at how beautiful it was and still is.  Stephanie Darbo

Girls write diary and daily reports 

Laura Hagen writes in her diary

Kaitlin Kramer, Lori Kreger, and others take a rest on the bus.

 Rachel Cleveland, unidentified girl, Megan Starkey, and Kaitlin Kramer 

Stephanie Darbo, Alice Priddy, and Ruth Bryant 

Meghan Starkey and unidentified girls

Moffat Wollen Mill

"Relief Bus Driver" - Mr. Priddy


We rode the bus from Edinburgh back to England.  On the way we stopped at the Moffat Wollen Mill.  I got my mom a scarf to match her hunter green coat.  Laura Hagen

We stopped at a Wollen Mill.  At the Wollen Mill I got my mom some oven mitts.  Amanda Fuentes

I bought a scarf for my grandmother.  Alyson Johnson


Brittany Trobaugh, Abby Satterfield, Chantal Carey, and Laura Hagen invade the Moffat Wollen Mill

  Kadi Stevens, Valerie Burton, and Kathryn Kuzcj 

Darrell Kennedy talks to a friend

More relief bus drivers!

Before lunch . . . 

. . .  a Scottish Parade passed by our bus!

Windemere, England

Lunch at Wimpy's - the equivalent of McDonalds


Enjoying a great lunch! 

Girls to be identified

Kaitlin Kramer and friends.

Lake Windemere boat ride

We got to Windermere.   You got a choice to either go on a boat ride, shop, or stay on the bus.  I took the boat ride.  It was raining so you couldn't see that much, but a few things.  Laura Hagen

It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on the boat ride out on Lake Windermere, the biggest lake in England. Jennifer Mitchell

Lake Windemere

Unidentified girl, Katherine Kuczaj, Jennifer Mitchell, Lindsay Power, and others enjoy the boat ride

Unidentified girl and Katherine Kuczaj

Unidentified girl and Jennifer Mitchell

Katherine Kuczaj, Rachel Taylor, and Unidentified girl

En Route to Stockport

As we looked out the window we could 
see the beautiful English countryside. 
Catherine Weber

On the bus to Stockport - Rachel Cleveland and Kade Stevens

Britannia Hotel, Stockport

Arriving at the Britannia Hotel in Stockport

Checking into the Britannia Hotel, Stockport
When we got to our one night hotel I found out I did not have a shower curtain.  And that is very bad.  So when me and Alyssa went downstairs for dinner we told Debi and a guy came to our room and put it up for us.  But he put it up wrong.  So we had to fix it for him.  So I took my shower first and I fell inside the tub I slipped on soap or shampoo.  Kade Stevens

Our shower was haunted - the water turned freezing then steaming.  It was really funny.  Amanda Fuentes

Then Karissa, Sam, Brittany and I had tea together.  Brittany almost burned herself.  But she did not.  Then to dinner. Abby Satterfield

We made a little tea and then later found out we were not supposed to.  Ooopps!  Samantha Lau

Waiting for room assignments

Getting in line for the buffet at Jenny's Restaurant
The restaurant at the hotel was called Jenny's Restaurant, like my name!  Jennifer Mitchell

The meal at the hotel was very nice.  It was more like a buffet, rather than a menu, sit down and wait for your food type meal.  I liked it a lot.  They had some very good potatoes and ham.  Samantha Sleadd

I had lots and lots of yummy potatoes.  Catherine Weber

We had a three part dinner which included a soup that tasted very good, a main course where you had a lot to choose from - chicken, ham, potatoes, gravy and many other things.  For dessert we also had choices - chocolate cake, apple pie, and cheese cake.  Lori Kreger

Dinner at the Hotel Britannia Stockport

Rachel Taylor, Sarah Pitts, Rachel Cleveland, Stephanie Fisher, and Stephanie Darbo..."Cheers!"

Samantha (need last name), Abby Satterfield, Brittany Trobaugh, Mrs. (need last name), Samantha (need last name), and Ruth Bryant..."Cheers!"

Mr. Gilley, Alice Priddy, Alyson Johnson, Marissa Reyes 

Debi, Mr. Priddy, Layne, Liddy Weir and Joy Brown

Katherine Kuczaj, Jennifer Holland, Valerie Burton, Unidentified girl, and Winter Vasquez enjoy a great dinner!

Laura Hagen, Jennifer Mitchell, Unidentified girls, Megan Starkey, and Unidentified girl

Laura Hagen visits Medicine Woman, Mrs. Satterfield
They had a really neat elevator.  It reminded us of Titanic. the dinner was a buffet and it was good.  After dinner Mrs. Carter sent us to bed.  Goodnight.  Karissa Torrez

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Visit England with us!
Visit England with us!
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Visit Scotland with us!
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Visit Ireland with us!